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The power – voltage (P-V) characteristics of photovoltaic (PV) systems exhibit multiple power peaks under partially shaded conditions. It is essential to extract maximum energy from the PV system. Several global maximum power point tracking (GMPPT) algorithms that are present in the literature, track the GMPP using different methods. It is imperative to have minimal convergence time for the GMPPT process. The work carried out uses a novel modified current control approach that uses current as a parameter to detect the insolation change during the tracking phase and track the global peak under fast changing partial shading conditions without any additional hardware. The proposed technique improves the tracking efficiency by as much as 39%, thus proving to be effective under fast-changing partial shading conditions. Another research carried out in the same field involves a novel technique that combines voltage and current perturbation to track GMPP. In either mode, the proposed technique generates reference voltage or current for navigating the operating point to GMPP. Using the proposed technique, the energy efficiency is improved as much by 40% compared to two state of art GMPPT techniques.


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Spring 10-1-2022

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