Smart and Sustainable System

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Energy and the Environment are the major concern in today’s context. The united nations are working on sustainable development goal (SDG). The target is to develop the sustainable technology and systems for fulfilling the requirements of human beings. The access to fresh water and fresh air are the primary goals. The integration of advanced technologies viz. artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure and provide the accessibility and to control the over exploitation of the natural resources. Although the population growth is the major concern for all the national and international governing bodies to fulfill the necessary food requirements. This can be achieved through the adaption of automation in agriculture through the application of artificial intelligence for precision agriculture. The robots, automated guided vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles will be the major contributors for achieving the goals.

The access of the clean and sustainable energy is also a major concern, currently the major global energy requirement is fulfilled through the fossil fuel, which is continuously deteoriating the environmental and the reason for the global warming. The development and utilization of renewable energy sources for sustainable development are the major research areas.

Although Research carried out by our group is multidisciplinary research areas viz. applications of AI/ML in robotics, biomedical, agriculture, water and energy.

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Spring 10-1-2022