Switched and Synchronous Reluctance Motor Drives for Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Systems.

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Advanced motor drives such as switched and synchronous reluctance motor drives have gained research importance due to their rotor being laminated core and does not have conductors or magnets on it. Without the copper conductors and magnets on the rotor, make them efficient and cost effective solution in electric motors domain. In recent times, Reluctance motor drives found scope in application domains of aerospace, renewable energy systems such as solar pumps and wind turbines, electric vehicle propulsion systems and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC).

The scope of the research in the domain of renewable energy systems and EV is to develop suitable control strategies for reluctance drives to improve efficiency, reduce torque ripple and noise, fault tolerance and minimize the converter stages. Advanced Microcontrollers and FPGA based controllers are utilized for control of reluctance drives. Develop the control of reluctance drives to provide consultation to Industry and Academia.

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Publication Date

Spring 10-28-2022