Design and Fabrication of low cost microfluidic device for Polymerase Chain Reaction

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Microfluidic system for the PCR application, has two important functional blocks. The first, microheater or heating circuit which helps to achieve the necessary temperature required for the analysis and the second, microfluidic channel which helps in sample handling. This work presents the design and fabrication of the microfluidic chip for the PCR application. Entire work is divided in three stages. The first stage deals with the design and simulation of various configurations of heater structures with several resistive materials followed by the heater fabrication with screen printing technique. The silver ink and PET sheet are used as a resistive layer and substrate material for the heater respectively. The second stage deals with the design and simulation of the flow-through microfluidic channel of various cross section followed by the low-cost fabrication, and the third stage deals with the integration of microfluidic channel with the heating element for PCR reaction.

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Spring 10-1-2022