Manipal Journal of Medical Sciences

Publication Ethics Statement

Manipal Journal of Medical Sciences (MJMS) is committed to upholding the integrity of the scientific publications/research. As a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) the journal will follow the COPE guidelines on how to deal with potential acts of misconduct.

Authors should refrain any misconduct that could hamper the trust in the journal and entire scientific domain at large. For maintaining integrity of the research rule could be adhered to:

• The manuscript in full or part of the same data should not be submitted to more than one journal.

• The submitted work should be original and should not have been published in any form or language partially or in full (‘self-plagiarism’).

• A single study should not be split up into several parts for submissions (i.e. ‘salami-slicing/publishing’).

• Results should be presented clearly, without fabrication, falsification including images.

• All original research conducted should have taken permission form respective (animal/human) ethics review board/ CTRI whichever are applicable.

Important note: the journal may use software to screen for plagiarism.

• Authors should have permissions for the use of software, questionnaires in their studies (if appropriate).

• Research articles and non-research articles (e.g. Opinion, Review, and Commentary articles) must cite appropriate and relevant literature.

• Authors should avoid untrue statements about an entity (who can be an individual person or a company) or descriptions of their behaviour or actions that could potentially be seen as personal attacks or allegations about that person.

• Research/statement that may pose a threat to public health or national security or against an individual person/ company should be avoided.

• Authors advised to clearly indicate the Corresponding Author, and the order of authors at the time of submission. Adding and/or deleting authors during the revision stages is generally not permitted. No changes to authorship is permitted after acceptance of a manuscript.

• Upon request authors should be prepared to send relevant documentation or data in order to verify the validity of the results presented.

• If there is suspicion of misbehaviour or alleged fraud the Journal and/or Publisher will carry out an investigation following COPE guidelines. If, after investigation, there are valid concerns, the author(s) concerned will be contacted under their given e-mail address and given an opportunity to address the issue. Depending on the situation, editor of the Journal/or Publisher’s may subject the article in question to one of the following measures:

A) Rejection of manuscript (if still under consideration)

B) For published articles, depending on the nature/severity of the infraction:

- an erratum may be placed with the article

- an expression of concern may be placed with the article

- retraction of the article.

Please note that retraction means that the article is maintained on the platform, watermarked “retracted” and the explanation for the retraction is provided.