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Introduction: HIV or human immunodeficiency virus infection breaks down body’s immune system. In India HIV infection is associated with stigma and open discrimination.This chronic illness can have much deleterious effect on the patients’ physiological and psychological status. Thus, identification of anxiety and different coping strategies adopted by these patients are of prime importance. Methods: A descriptive survey was carried out to collect data from150 HIV positive patients who were on antiretroviral therapy through simple random sample technique (lottery method); the state anxiety inventory and Dr Kiran Rao’s coping checklist were used for collecting data. Result: Findings of the study showed that 50 % of samples were between 36-50 years of age, 53.3% were males, 63.3% of samples had only secondary education, 44% were unskilled workers and 50.3% of samples had only family income of Rs.

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