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Background: Acute paediatric poisoning is a common medical emergency. Poisoning is one of the major causes of death among infants and toddlers in developing countries like India. Poisoning in children requires emergency intervention but, in every instance, medical evaluation is necessary to initiate appropriate action. Objectives: To assess the effectiveness of self-instructional module (SIM) on knowledge; Method: A quantitative, one group pre-test-post-test design was carried out among the purposive sample of 60 paediatric staff nurses. A structured knowledge questionnaire was used to assess the pre-test and post-test knowledge. A SIM was given on the day of the pre-test. Post-test was done on the 8th day. Result: In the pre-test, 71.7% (43 out of 60) subjects had inadequate knowledge scores and in the post-test 68.3% gained adequate knowledge (41 out of 60). This indicates the effectiveness of SIM in enhancing the knowledge of paediatric staff nurses. An association was found between the mean pre-test knowledge with their selected sociodemographic variables such as age (χ2 = 9.13), gender (χ2 = 5.24), religion (χ2 = 6.48), professional qualification (χ2 = 6.65), area of work (χ2 = 18.55), total years of experience (χ2 = 11.30) and experience in managing a child with poisoning (χ2 =5.63). Conclusion: There was a remarkable difference between mean pre-test and post-test knowledge level of staff nurses on the management of selected poisoning in children concluding that the SIM was effective

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