Manipal Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences


Introduction: Corona virus can be deemed as one of the rapidly spreading viral infections. More than 200 countries in less than four months were infected. Findings of a study proved that insight of people in the community is remarkable to render care during pandemics. Characteristics that influence the people to adhere with sound healthy practices and desirable behaviors can be acquired by examining the level of awareness related to COVID-19 among people. Objectives: The objectives of the study were to assess knowledge, attitude and practice related to COVID-19 among people; correlate the knowledge, attitude and practice scores related to COVID-19 among people; and associate the level of knowledge, attitude and practice related to COVID-19 with selected demographic variables. Method: Quantitative approach was solicited and a descriptive design was chosen for the present study. Permission was obtained from the Research Advisory Committee of the institution. An anonymous online survey, a cross sectional one was conducted. The inclusion criteria were: people living in India, participants aged 16-70 years having internet access, who can read and write English, who knew to fill Google forms and those who volunteer. A questionnaire was designed using Google forms which was semi- structured. Results: The findings revealed that the mean and mean percentage of knowledge, attitude and practice were 10.36 and 74, 5.083 and 84.7; and 7.331 and 91.6, respectively. It was found there was a significant positive correlation between knowledge and attitude (r=0.140, p=.000); knowledge and practice (r=0.127, p=.000); attitude and practice (r=0.256, p=.000). With regard to association, it was seen that gender had association with practice (p=.003) and attitude (p=.000). Conclusion: The study suggest consistent encouragement and reinforcement may help in extending the knowledge among the people.



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