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Strategic decisiveness is one attribute that drives growth. This study examines the effects of using information and communication technology (ICT) as digital disrupters by organizations to small retail businesses in Bangalore. There is a body of research, which highlights on factors causing digital divide and strategies used to bridge the gap. This study is limited to Bangalore as the city is known for its people being tech savvy, which gives a unique opportunity to carry out research into the small retail businesses. The research seeks to identify the differences and similarities among the kinds of retail businesses on using ICTs for decision making. Many studies indicate that high performance organizations are a result of manager’s quality, speed, and execution of their decision making. ICTs boost these factors to drive strategic decisions, which demand organizations to rethink to build their relations with retailers to sustain business competitiveness. There is evidence of retailer’s increased confusion in dealing with digital tools. It is hypothesized that the variable decisiveness has a direct effect on building business relations. The research approach is a quantitative study based on a questionnaire distributed in person to small retailers in Bangalore market. The intensity of the relation is measured using Technology Readiness Index (TRI) with multiple item scale. Based on the findings, the study concludes by discussing on the practical uses and derived satisfaction on the uses and gratification theory in communication.

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