Manipal Journal of Science and Technology


NE region (NER) of India with eight vibrant states having diverse societal, cultural and economic indicators is in constant need of innovative and sustainable solutions to address development and governance challenges. In spite of tremendous information available in the custody of different stakeholders and agencies in the form of resource’s maps, land and water resource plans at micro watershed level, etc., dissemination of information to the decision-makers, planners and grass root level users is not rapid enough due to poor awareness among the people in NER. In addition, it also demands robust telecom networks connecting every part of the NER for the effective utilization of ICT based geospatial applications. ICT based geospatial applications are now getting new vistas in space technology for an effective developmental program of our country. North Eastern Space Applications Centre (NESAC) under Department of Space, Government of India, Umiam (Meghalaya), in collaboration with State Remote Sensing Applications Centres (SRSACs) of NER has been taking the lead role for the development of various governance applications for effective management and monitoring of developmental activities by the Governments. In this article, two notable achievements of NESAC towards empowering the governance of user departments are highlighted.