Manipal Journal of Science and Technology


Recognizing the significance of double-layers on porous media combustion on burner performance and its function in improving fuel mixing and flame stability, the effect of adding porous layers within burner housing on thermal and exergy efficiency is being explored through experimental investigations. Premixed butane-air combustion in rich conditions was examined using a 23 mm microporous media burner with equivalence ratios ranging from ф = 1.3 to 2.0. The experimental findings revealed a substantial improvement in thermal and exergy efficiency as the equivalence ratio increased. It is observed that the flame temperature and porous wall temperature decrease with an increase in equivalence ratio. The highest temperature measured was 924.82°C at ф = 1.3. Finally, the thermal and exergy efficiency in porous media burner is found to be higher at ф = 2.0 at 84.30% and 83.47 per cent, respectively. It can be concluded that the equivalence ratio for double-layer porous material influences the performance of porous media burners.