Manipal Journal of Science and Technology


Milk is considered a complete food as it has most of the required crucial nutrients and dietary components. The vast majority of the people consume milk on an everyday basis. There is a substantial increase in milk across the world. Hence milk production centres are increasing. To meet the increasing milk demand and beat the increasing competition, adulteration has become convenient for vendors. Adulterants are used to increase milk yield and sustain milk income. Due to the addition of adulterants, the consistency of milk and the nutrients are harmed and the same milk is distributed to the vendors. Serious health issues are caused by drinking spoiled milk. Thus, milk consistency and its adulteration have to be checked. In this paper, we walk through a sensor-based prototype that will detect milk adulteration. Various sensors like pH sensors, Lacto sensors, and temperature sensors are used along with controllers. The prototype is solar-powered for portability and immediate results.