Manipal Journal of Science and Technology


The driving license verification system currently follows a crude and obsolete method which has no way to check for the correctness of the driving licenses issued by the government. Additionally, the corruption of police officers is increasing day by day which is another major cause of concern. The project proposes a unique system of fingerprint-based licensing system where in the finger print is used for the purpose of licensing. The proposed system consists of the development of requisite hardware which will be provided in the car. The person required to drive the car is required to just press his fingerprint on the portable device developed. The system is connected to the Internet using the Internet of Things (IoT) approach where the captured fingerprint is compared with government database records on a cloud server to check if the person has a license. If the person has a license the vehicle will start and all further activities such as a violation of traffic rules will be linked to the person driving the car. If the driver violates the traffic rules the penalty will be automatically deducted from the bank account of the driver. The RTO management system developed as a part of this project will help in the deduction of the penalty from the respective licensed account.