Advanced text documents information retrieval system for search services

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Cogent Engineering


Information technology has explored the growth of text documents data in many organizations and the structural arrangement of voluminous data is a complex task. Handling the text document data is a challenging process involving not only the training of models but also numerous additional procedures, e.g., data pre-processing, transformation, and dimensionality reduction. In this paper, we describe the system’s architecture, the technical challenges, and the novel solution we have built. We propose a Recurrent Convolutional Neural network (RCNN), based text information retrieval system which efficiently retrieves the text documents and information for the user query. Pre-processing using tokenization and stemming, retrieval using TF-IDF (Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency), and RCNN classifier which captures the contextual information is implemented. A real-time advanced search system is developed on a huge set of MAHE University dataset. The performance of the proposed text document retrieval system is compared with other existing algorithms and the efficacy of the method is discussed. The proposed RCNN-based text document information retrieval model performs better in terms of precision, recall, and F-measure. A high-quality and high-performance text document retrieval search system is presented.



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