Analysis of mhd flow and heat transfer of laminar flow between porous disks

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Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer


A study is carried out for the two dimensional laminar flow of conducting fluid in presence of magnetic field. The governing non-linear equations of motion are transformed in to dimensionaless form. A solution is obtained by homotopy perturbation method and it is valid for moderately large Reynolds numbers for injection at the wall. Also an efficient algorithm based finite difference scheme is developed to solve the reduced coupled ordinary differential equations with necessary boundary conditions. The effects of Reynolds number, the magnetic parameter and the pradantle number on flow velocity and tempratare distribution is analysed by both the methods and results agree well with previous work for special cases. It is observed that overall effect of magnetic field is same as Hartmann flow. Further the analysis predicts that the heat transfer at the surface of the disks increases with increase in Reynolds number, magnetic parameter and Prandle number. The shear stress at the wall decreases with increase in injection, whearas increase with increase in magnetic parameter. The study of such phenomenon is beneficial in the industry for thermal control in polymeric processing.



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