Lightweight Multimedia-data Security System for IoT and Healthcare Applications

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News Article


Now a days, IoT technology is advancing fast and allowing a huge number of resource-constrained devices to connect each other through internet. In order to meet at specific application requirements of IoT and cyber physical systems (CPS) many of constrained devices are deployed as the most challenging issues in privacy and security. Such devices are not designed with security features. In addition, these devices have several challenges, including power and area limitations, as well as higher speed and performance at a reduced cost. As data security requirements become more stringent, there is a growing demand for cipher solutions for LRDs. Given these LRDs’ constraints, an optimal encryption implementation is required in terms of area, power, and speed. This research develops various lightweight data security systems to provide security to multiple data.

Followings are the weblinks of my recent works.

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Publication Date

Spring 10-1-2022