Submissions from 2023

Real-Time Investigations and Simulation on the Impact of Lighting Ambience on Circadian Stimulus, Veena Mathew, Ciji Pearl Kurian, Susan G. Varghese, and Kannika Priyadarshini

Community based health literacy interventions in India: A scoping review, Edlin Glane Mathias, Vijay Shree Dhyani, Jisha B. Krishnan, and Usha Rani

Facet of 4D printing in biomedicine, Vidhi Mathur, Prachi Agarwal, Varadharajan Srinivasan, and Amit Panwar

Advocacy counterstrategies to tobacco industry interference in policymaking: a scoping review of peer-reviewed literature, Britta K. Matthes, Praveen Kumar, Sarah Dance, and Tom Hird

Experimental investigation and parametric optimization of cryogenic abrasive water jet machining of nitrile rubber using Taguchi analysis, Preeti Maurya, Vijay Gaddale Srinivasa, and C. Raghavendra Kamath

Analysis and optimization of mass percentage of zycoprint polymer and abrasives in achieving stability of suspension mixture in abrasive water jet machining, Preeti Maurya, G. S. Vijay, and Raghavendra C. Kamath

Machine Learning-Based Detection of Dengue from Blood Smear Images Utilizing Platelet and Lymphocyte Characteristics, Hilda Mayrose, G. Muralidhar Bairy, Niranjana Sampathila, and Sushma Belurkar

An empirical study of preprocessing techniques with convolutional neural networks for accurate detection of chronic ocular diseases using fundus images, Veena Mayya, Sowmya Kamath S, Uma Kulkarni, and Divyalakshmi Kaiyoor Surya

Antimicrobial resistance heterogeneity among multidrug-resistant Gram-negative pathogens: Phenotypic, genotypic, and proteomic analysis, Tanshi Mehrotra, Dipasri Konar, Agila Kumari Pragasam, and Shakti Kumar

A Novel ASIC Implementation of Two-Dimensional Image Compression Using Improved B.G. Lee Algorithm, Tanya Mendez, Vishnumurthy Kedlaya K, Dayananda Nayak, and H. S. Mruthyunjaya

Nanobody derived using a peptide epitope from the spike protein receptor-binding motif inhibits entry of SARS-CoV-2 variants, Nivya Mendon, Rayees A. Ganie, Shubham Kesarwani, and Drisya Dileep

Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage in the Young: An Institutional Registry Analysis, Girish Menon, Aparna Macharla, Siddharth Srinivasan, and Sonin Santosh

Correction: Beyond Body–Mind: Self-narratives and Consciousness (Psychological Studies, (2019), 64, 3, (266-274), 10.1007/s12646-019-00519-w), Sangeetha Menon, Meera Kumar, and Rakesh Kumar

Retinal nerve fiber layer thickness and its correlation with visual symptoms and radiological features in pituitary macroadenoma, Sudha Menon, Soumya Nair, Anuj Kodnani, and Ajay Hegde

Setting the stage: A pilot analysis of reporting of study setting in two major Indian psychiatry journals, Vikas Menon, Natarajan Varadharajan, Samir Praharaj, and Shahul Ameen

Nanoparticle drug delivery systems in hepatocellular carcinoma: A focus on targeting strategies and therapeutic applications, Sayali Pravin Metkar, Gasper Fernandes, Prerana D. Navti, and Ajinkya N. Nikam

Mannosylated-Chitosan-Coated Andrographolide Nanoliposomes for the Treatment of Hepatitis: In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluations, Sayali Pravin Metkar, Gasper Fernandes, Ajinkya Nitin Nikam, and Soji Soman

Multi-omics analysis of the Indian ovarian cancer cohort revealed histotype-specific mutation and gene expression patterns, Anisha Mhatre, Jinsha Koroth, Meghana Manjunath, and Sandeep Kumar S

Optimization of electrospinning process parameters to develop the smallest ZnO + PVP nanofibres using Taguchi experimental design and ANOVA, Harshada Vishal Mhetre, Kanse Yuvraj Krishnarao, and Nithesh Naik

Global investments in pandemic preparedness and COVID-19: development assistance and domestic spending on health between 1990 and 2026, Angela E. Micah, Kayleigh Bhangdia, Ian E. Cogswell, and Dylan Lasher

A computational study to identify Sesamol derivatives as NRF2 activator for protection against drug-induced liver injury (DILI), Ajay Mili, Sumit Birangal, Krishnadas Nandakumar, and Richard Lobo

Biophilic cities and health, Sarah Milliken, Benz Kotzen, Sonali Walimbe, and Christopher Coutts

Implementation of pediatric allergic rhinitis module as a part of AETCOM among first-year medical undergraduates: Mixed methods evaluation, Nihar Mishra, Prakash Peralam, Amol Dongre, and Ramji Singh

Prebiotics: Ignored player in the fight against cancer, Parichita Mishra, Vidhi Manish Badiyani, Sakshi Jain, and Sruti Subramanian

Comparative clinical evaluation of xenograft (Cerabone) versus allograft combined with platelet-rich fibrin for treatment of grade II mandibular furcation defects, Suhina Mitra, Deepa G. Kamath, Nishmitha D. Shetty, and Srikant Natarajan

n-Type naphthalimide-indole derivative for electronic applications, Yogeesh Mjp, Sneha Kagatikar, Dhanya Sunil, and Dhananjaya Kekuda

An investigation of camera movements and capture techniques on optical flow for real-time rendering and presentation, Nishant Modi and M. Ramakrishna

Spectroscopic and electrical analysis of p–Si/n-ZnSxSe1−x (0.0 ≤ x ≤ 1.0) heterostructures for photodetector applications, Sahana Nagappa Moger and M. G. Mahesha

Association of serum beta hCG levels in women with palpable malignant breast lesions, Ashfaque Mohammed, Talha Ahmed, Rahul R. Bhat, and Esha Mallik

A survey on professionals’ beliefs and practices related to emergent literacy skills in children with autism spectrum disorder, Haritha S. Mohan and Shivani Tiwari

Effect of Short Glass Fiber Addition on Flexural and Impact Behavior of 3D Printed Polymer Composites, H. R. Mohankumar, Maha Gundappa M. Benal, G. S. Pradeepkumar, and Vijay Tambrallimath

Self-regulatory Fractional Fuzzy Control for Dynamic Systems: An Analytical Approach, Vijay Mohan, Bharti Panjwani, Himanshu Chhabra, and Asha Rani

Colloidal Manipulation through Plasmonic and Non-plasmonic Laser-Assisted Heating, K. Monisha, K. Suresh, and Sajan D. George

Warm to neutral white light emissions from Dy3+–Eu3+ co-doped glass ceramics containing NaBSiO4 crystalline phase for W-LEDs applications, M. Monisha, M. Saravanan, Nirmal Mazumder, and M. I. Sayyed

Color tuneability behaviour and energy transfer analysis on Dy3+-Eu3+ co-doped glasses for NUV-WLEDs application, M. Monisha, M. I. Sayyed, Nirmal Mazumder, and Jack Arayro

Knowledge of Workplace Postural Requirements Among Private Dental Practitioners, Lohan Moradia, Aayushi Bagga, Anusuya Chowdhry, and Anusha Galla

Fiducial Markers Allow Accurate and Reproducible Delivery of Liver Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy, Marina Moskalenko, Bernard L. Jones, Adam Mueller, and Shirley Lewis

A simple technique of meibography for morphological and functional evaluation of meibomian glands in dry eye conditions, Vala Mounika, Sumana J. Kamath, Pagadala Tejaswi, and Ajay R. Kamath

Affects and assemblages of (un)safety among female bus commuters in Dhaka, Seama Mowri and Ajay Bailey

Framing safety of women in public transport: A media discourse analysis of sexual harassment cases in Bangladesh, Seama Mowri and Ajay Bailey

Small Volatile Inhibitors Targeting LncRNA in Radioresistant Non-small Cell Lung Cancer, Arnab Mukherjee and Mukunthan Kuppusamy Selvam

Artemisinin-based combination therapy successfully treated two hyperparasitaemic Plasmodium falciparum cases, Benudhar Mukhi, Himanshu Gupta, Kishore Punnath, and Anupkumar R. Anvikar

Organoid-based 3D in vitro microphysiological systems as alternatives to animal experimentation for preclinical and clinical research, Chrianjay Mukhopadhyay and Manash K. Paul

Mammalian Chromosome Analysis and Sorting by Flow Cytometry, Risani Mukhopadhyay, D. V. Varshitha, William G. Telford, and Claire K. Sanders

C4 Equivalent Decarboxylation Competence in Tropical Orchids, Nidhi S. Mukundan, Sunaina Banerjee, Shruti Kumar, and Kapaettu Satyamoorthy

Effect of Operational Parameters on Fouling of 6061 Aluminum Alloy Under Dynamic Conditions, Lavanya Mulky and Padmalatha Rao

Perceptions of novel warnings compared with current warning on tobacco packs, and warnings on cigarette sticks: A cross-sectional survey of college students in Southern India, Somya Mullapudi, Muralidhar M. Kulkarni, Veena G. Kamath, and John Britton

Hybrid solar, wind, and energy storage system for a sustainable campus: A simulation study, Dario Cyril Muller, Shanmuga Priya Selvanathan, Erdem Cuce, and Sudhakar Kumarasamy

Optimizing single cell proteomics using trapped ion mobility spectrometry for label-free experiments, Dong Gi Mun, Firdous A. Bhat, Husheng Ding, and Benjamin J. Madden

Diurnal variation in variables related to cognitive performance: a systematic review, Madhavi Munnilari, Tulasiram Bommasamudram, Judy Easow, and David Tod

Manipal model of telepsychiatry, Ravindra N. Munoli, Rajeshkrishna P. Bhandary, and Podila Sathya Venkata Narasimha Sharma

Heavy and superheavy elements: next generation experiments, ideas and considerations, G. Münzenberg, M. Gupta, H. M. Devaraja, and Y. K. Gambhir

Deregulated Metabolic Pathways in Ovarian Cancer: Cause and Consequence, Roopak Murali, Vaishnavi Balasubramaniam, Satish Srinivas, and Sandhya Sundaram

Effect of Surface Modified Montmorillonite Nanoclay on Tensile and Flexural Properties of Pineapple Leaf Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composite, K. Muralishwara, Lester Fernandes, Rushal Kalkura, and Sachin Bangera

Predictors of Short-term Mortality in Patients of Cirrhosis of Liver Presenting as Acute Kidney Injury: An In-hospital Prospective Observational Study, Balaji Musunuri, Sandeep Gopal, Bailuru V. Tantry, and Suresh Shenoy

Water-based fluorescent flexo-ink for security applications, Kashmitha Muthamma, Basana M. Gouda, Dhanya Sunil, and Suresh D. Kulkarni

Evaluating Determinants of End-of-life Care Provision in Indian Intensive Care Units, Sheila Nainan Myatra, Jigeeshu Vasishtha Divatia, and Naveen Salins

A comparative evaluation of calcium ion release and pH change using calcium hydroxide nanoparticles as intracanal medicament with different vehicles - An in vitro study, Ashima Nadar, Vidya Muliya, Swathi Pai, and Kalyana Pentapati

Drug induced nephrotoxicity and associated factors a narrative review, N. Nagalakshmi, V. Manju, Basavaraj Poojar, and Ravi K. Sori

Trigonella foenum-graecum L. seed extract modulates biochemical and histomorphological changes in therapeutic model of high-fat diet-fed ovariectomized rats, Takkella Nagamma, Anjaneyulu Konuri, Kumar M.R. Bhat, and Padmanabha E.G. Udupa

Numerical Analysis of an Aerofoil Fin Integrated Double Pass Solar Air Heater for Thermal Performance Enhancement, Madhwesh Nagaraj, Manu Krishna Reddy, Arun Kumar Honnesara Sheshadri, and Kota Vasudeva Karanth

Design and validation of an interprofessional education module to enhance interprofessional competencies among students from healthcare professions, Sunitha S. Nagelli, Ciraj A. Mohammed, Baby S. Nayak, and Anice George

A Mobile Clinical Decision Support System for High-Risk Pregnant Women in Rural India (SMARThealth Pregnancy): Pilot Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial, Shobhana Nagraj, Stephen Kennedy, Vivekananda Jha, and Robyn Norton

Kannada Translation and Validation of the ESAS-r Renal for Symptom Burden Survey in Patients with End-Stage Kidney Disease, Bharathi Naik, Shankar Prasad Nagaraju, Vasudeva Guddattu, and Naveen Salins

Cost-Minimization Analysis of Medications Used in the Management of End-stage Renal Disease, Jarupala Gangadhar Naik, Sreedhar Dharmagadda, Pradeep Manohar Muragundi, and Virendra Ligade

Recent Advances in Green Composites and Their Applications, Nithesh Naik, B. Shivamurthy, B. H.S. Thimmappa, and Gautam Jaladi

A Review on Composite Materials for Energy Harvesting in Electric Vehicles, Nithesh Naik, P. Suresh, Sanjay Yadav, and M. P. Nisha

Rituximab in Patients With Primary Membranous Nephropathy With High Immunologic Risk, Sachin Naik, Deeksha Pal, Shubham Shukla, and Vinod Kumar

Particle production during inflation: constraints expected from redshifted 21 cm observations from the epoch of reionization, Suvedha Suresh Naik, Pravabati Chingangbam, and Kazuyuki Furuuchi

Design, Development, and Evaluation of Constant Voltage Iontophoresis for the Transungual Delivery of Efinaconazole, Anroop B. Nair, Bandar Aldhubiab, Jigar Shah, and Shery Jacob

Ocular surface immune cell diversity in dry eye disease, Archana Padmanabhan Nair, Sharon D'Souza, Pooja Khamar, and Rudy M.M.A. Nuijts

“A tumour registry initiative”, Rajesh Nair, Bhavna Nayal, Saurabh Beedkar, and Girish Menon

Perspectives of Indian speech language pathologists towards assessing adolescents with language impairments, Rohana Muralidharan Nair and Sudhin Karuppali

Determinants of quit attempts among current Indian tobacco users: Findings from global Adult tobacco survey, 2016-17, Varsha Nair, Sneha D. Mallya, Akhilesh Kumar Pandey, and Prashant Kumar Singh

Artificial intelligence and visual inspection in cervical cancer screening, Carolyn Nakisige, Marlieke De Fouw, Johnblack Kabukye, and Marat Sultanov

Factors influencing customer preference of cardless technology over the card for cash withdrawals: an extended technology acceptance model, Bindu K. Nambiar and Kartikeya Bolar

Investigation on Magnetization, Magnetocalory, Magnetoresistance, and Electric Properties of Ni-Mn Based Heusler Alloy, Sandeep Nambiar S, B. R.N. Murthy, B. M. Karthik, and Sathyashankara Sharma

Martensitic Transformation and Magnetic Properties of Ni-Mn Quinary Heusler Alloy, Sandeep Nambiar S, B. R.N. Murthy, Sathyashankara Sharma, and A. A. Prasanna

Corrigendum to “A new paradigm in biosensing: MOF-carbon dot conjugates” [Mater. Today Commun. 35 (2023) 106340] (Materials Today Communications (2023) 35, (S2352492823010310), (10.1016/j.mtcomm.2023.106340)), Shivanand H. Nannuri, Abhijeet Pandey, Sanjay Kulkarni, and Prashant K. Deshmukh

Repressor Element-1 Binding Transcription Factor (REST) as a Possible Epigenetic Regulator of Neurodegeneration and MicroRNA-Based Therapeutic Strategies, Ajmal Nassar, Sairaj Satarker, Prasada Chowdari Gurram, and Dinesh Upadhya

Self-compacting concrete incorporating incinerated biomedical waste ash: a performance assessment, M. C. Nataraja, Nahushananda Chakravarthy H. G, R. Shivaprasad, and Sujay Raghavendra Naganna

A Novel Framework on Security and Energy Enhancement Based on Internet of Medical Things for Healthcare 5.0, Rajesh Natarajan, Gururaj Harinahallo Lokesh, Francesco Flammini, and Anitha Premkumar

Fault detection and state estimation in robotic automatic control using machine learning, Rajesh Natarajan, Santosh Reddy P, Subash Chandra Bose, and H. L. Gururaj

Devising Solutions for COVID-19 Fear in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Megha Nataraj

Effect of exercise on renal function in diabetic nephropathy—a systematic review and meta-analysis, Megha Nataraj, Arun G. Maiya, Shankar P. Nagaraju, and Barkur A. Shastry

The reliability and validity of repeat power ability assessments and measurement indices in loaded vertical jumps, Alex O. Natera, Dale W. Chapman, Neil D. Chapman, and Justin W.L. Keogh

Tribological and Morphological Study of AISI 316L Stainless Steel during Turning under Different Lubrication Conditions, C. P. Natesh, Y. M. Shashidhara, H. J. Amarendra, and Raviraj Shetty

Editorial: Synergistic interactions between exosomes and tunneling nanotubes in long-range intercellular transfer, Sangeeta Nath, Dean L. Pountney, and Jiri Neuzil

Mineralogical Characterization of Lithomargic Clay Deposits along the Coastal Belt of Udupi Region of South India, Deepak Nayak, Purushotham G. Sarvade, Udaya Shankara H. N, and Jagadeesha B. Pai

Simulated patient videos to supplement integrated teaching in competencybased undergraduate medical curriculum, Kirtana Raghurama Nayak, Veena Nayak, Dhiren Punja, and Dinesh K. Badya

Effectiveness of Symptom Management Intervention for Improving the QOL of Cancer Patients, Malathi G. Nayak and Anice George

Awareness level regarding adverse reactions caused by cosmetic products among female patients: A cross-sectional study, Manjula Nayak, Virendra S. Ligade, and Smitha S. Prabhu

Effect of telerehabilitation on motor and functional outcomes in people with spinal cord injuries–a systematic review, Pradeepa Nayak, Anne Mary John, Parminder Kaur, and Amreen Mahmood

Modifying the microstructure of chitosan/methylcellulose polymer blend via magnesium nitrate doping to enhance its ionic conductivity for energy storage application, Pradeep Nayak, Y. N. Sudhakar, Shounak De, and Ismayil

Effect of shape of titanium dioxide nanofillers on the properties of dental composites, Prajna P. Nayak, Sudarshan Kini, Kishore Ginjupalli, and Deepika Pai

Optimization of Chitosan: Methylcellulose polyblend to obtain highly amorphous polymer matrix useful for ion transportation, P. Nayak, Y. N. Sudhakar, S. De, and Ismayil

Age estimation by spheno-occipital synchondrosis fusion in South Indian population using computed tomography, Rajesh Nayak, Nitika C. Panakkal, and T. Visakh

Multiple renal veins clogging the hilum of the right kidney, Satheesha B. Nayak, Narendra Pamidi, Vasanthakumar Packirisamy, and Soumya Kodimajalu Vasudeva

Morphometric analysis of the main brain sulci and clinical implications: Radiological and cadaveric study, Sonal Nayak, Chandni Gupta, Karthikeya D. Hebbar, and Arvind K. Pandey

Deep learning based detection of monkeypox virus using skin lesion images, Tushar Nayak, Krishnaraj Chadaga, Niranjana Sampathila, and Hilda Mayrose