Submissions from 2023

Application of Fractal Analysis based Feature Extractor for Channel Reduction of Silent Speech Interface Using Facial Electromyography, Asif Abdullah, Omkar S. Powar, and Krishnan Chemmangat

An enhanced energy efficient protocol for large-scale IoT-based heterogeneous WSNs, Antar Shaddad Hamed Abdul-Qawy, Nayef Abdulwahab Mohammed Alduais, Abdul Malik H.Y. Saad, and Murad Ahmed Ali Taher

Assessment of prevalence of dry eye among medical students using ocular surface disease index questionnaire - Is COVID-19 to be really blamed?, A. R. Aberame, Sulatha V. Bhandary, Lavanya G. Rao, and Chandni Gupta

Overview of Corporate Governance Research in India: A Bibliometric Analysis, Abhilash Abhilash, Sandeep S. Shenoy, and Dasharathraj K. Shetty

Green Bond as an Innovative Financial Instrument in the Indian Financial Market: Insights From Systematic Literature Review Approach, Abhilash, Sandeep S. Shenoy, Dasharathraj K. Shetty, and Lumen Shawn Lobo

The evaluation of the mechanical properties of glass, kenaf, and honeycomb fiber-reinforced composite, Nur Marini Zainal Abidin, Mohamed Thariq Hameed Sultan, Ain Umaira Md Shah, and Farah Syazwani Shahar

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Exacerbation Rates in COPD Patients in Southern India – A Potential Role for Community Mitigations Measures, Vishak K. Acharya, Deepthi K. Sharma, Sindhu K. Kamath, and A. Shreenivasa

Insight into the Effect of Glycerol on Dielectric Relaxation and Transport Properties of Potassium-Ion-Conducting Solid Biopolymer Electrolytes for Application in Solid-State Electrochemical Double-Layer Capacitor, Abdullahi Abbas Adam, Hassan Soleimani, John Ojur Dennis, and Osamah A. Aldaghri

Exploring electroencephalographic infraslow neurofeedback treatment for chronic low back pain: a double-blinded safety and feasibility randomized placebo-controlled trial, Divya Bharatkumar Adhia, Ramakrishnan Mani, Jerin Mathew, and Finella O’Leary

Machinability and surface integrity investigation during helical hole milling in AZ31 magnesium alloy, Raviraja Adhikari, Gururaj Bolar, Ragavanantham Shanmugam, and Ugur Koklu

External validation of Prediabetes Risk Test in Indian population for screening prediabetes, Radhika Aditya Jadhav, G. Arun Maiya, Shashikiran Umakanth, and K. N. Shivashankara

Adsorption of Dyes from Wastewater: A Comprehensive Review, Rishabh Agarwala and Lavanya Mulky

Challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in South Asian countries using interpretive structural modeling, Reena Agrawal, Priti Bakhshi, Arti Chandani, and Ramona Birau

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on air transport: the case of Virgin Australia airlines, Reena Agrawal, Mendon Suhan, Qaiser Rafique Yasser, and Cristi Spulbar

Peroneus Longus Tendon Autograft for Primary Arthroscopic Reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Shashwat Agrawal, Atmananda S. Hegde, B. Seetharama Rao, and Prajwal P. Mane

Application of Geospatial Techniques and the MCDM Method to Optimize Interlinking of Rivers in India, Aariz Ahmed and R. Srikanth

Permutation identities and fractal structure of rings, S. Aishwarya, Babushri Srinivas Kedukodi, and Syam Prasad Kuncham

Real-Time Portfolio Management System Utilizing Machine Learning Techniques, Prakash K. Aithal, M. Geetha, U. Dinesh, and Basri Savitha

Durability study of quasi-isotropic carbon/epoxy composites under various environmental conditions, Shreepannaga Aithal, Padmaraj Narampady Hossagadde, Manjeshwar Vijaya Kini, and Dayananda Pai

Extracellular vesicles in bacterial and fungal diseases–Pathogenesis to diagnostic biomarkers, Jnana A, Sadiya S. S, Satyamoorthy K, and Murali T.S

Exploring the Phytochemical Profile and Biological Activities of Clerodendrum infortunatum, Balakrishnan Syamala Akhil, Rajimol Puthenpurackal Ravi, Asha Lekshmi, and Prathapan Abeesh

Quantitative tissue proteome profile reveals neutrophil degranulation and remodeling of extracellular matrix proteins in early stage gallbladder cancer, Javed Akhtar, Vaishali Jain, Radhika Kansal, and Ratna Priya

Determinants of patient satisfaction in Asia: Evidence from systematic review of literature, Nahima Akthar, Smitha Nayak, and Yogesh Pai P

Diagnostic implications of pitfalls in causal variant identification based on 4577 molecularly characterized families, Lama AlAbdi, Sateesh Maddirevula, Hanan E. Shamseldin, and Ebtissal Khouj

Effect of hip abductors and lateral rotators' muscle strengthening on pain and functional outcome in adult patients with patellofemoral pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Abdulaziz Alammari, Nicola Spence, Amitesh Narayan, and Shreekanth D. Karnad

Schwann cell-matrix coated PCL-MWCNT multifunctional nanofibrous scaffolds for neural regeneration, Yas Al-Hadeethi, Aishwarya Nagarajan, Srividya Hanuman, and Hiba Mohammed

Computational design of candidate multi-epitope vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 targeting structural (S and N) and non-structural (NSP3 and NSP12) proteins, Zeeshan Ali, Jyothsna Volisha Cardoza, Srijita Basak, and Utkarsh Narsaria

Erratum to “A new accelerometer (Fibion) device provides valid sedentary and upright time measurements compared to the ActivPAL4 in healthy individuals” [Heliyon 8(10) (October 2022) e1103] (Heliyon (2022) 8(10), (S240584402202391X), (10.1016/j.heliyon.2022.e11103)), Hanan Youssef Alkalih, Arto J. Pesola, and Ashokan Arumugam

Depression among Bangladeshi diabetic patients: a cross-sectional, systematic review, and meta-analysis study, Firoj Al-Mamun, Mahmudul Hasan, Shalini Quadros, and Mark Mohan Kaggwa

Variation of Shear Stresses and Flow Dynamics in Stented Patient Specific Carotid Bifurcation Model using Numerical Investigation, Neil Ricardo Almeida, Shah Mohammed Abdul Khader, Hebbandi Ningappa Abhilash, and Yoshiki Yamaguchi

Incidence and Comparison of Suicide in Various Phases of the Menstrual Cycle: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, Yara A. Alnashwan, Ahmed Mustafa Rashid, Syed Sarmad Javaid, and Magdy A. Kharoshah

Catalytical Performance of Heteroatom Doped and Undoped Carbon-Based Materials, Jahangir Alom, Md Saif Hasan, Md Asaduzaman, and Mohammad Taufiq Alam

Global comparative transcriptomes uncover novel and population-specific gene expression in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, Amal Alotaibi, Veerendra P. Gadekar, Pranav Swaroop Gundla, and Sumana Mandarthi

Association between Obesity and COVID-19: Insights from Social Media Content, Mohammed Alotaibi, Rajesh R. Pai, Sreejith Alathur, and Naganna Chetty

Exploring the molecular pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma: A state of art review of the current literature, Yasir Alshareefy, Chai Yu Shen, and Rosheene Jeya Prekash

“Two Minutes More!” Preparing Slides for Conference Research Presentations, Shahul Ameen, Samir Kumar Praharaj, and Vikas Menon

Effectiveness of Silver Diamine Fluoride for Early Childhood Caries Among Children Aged 24 to 72 Months: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial, N. Amitha Basheer, Praveen S. Jodalli, Namratha Nayak, and K. S. Aparna

Multi-component Adsorption Isotherms: Review and Modeling Studies, Amrutha, Gautham Jeppu, C. R. Girish, and Balakrishna Prabhu

Assessment of pollution and risks associated with microplastics in the riverine sediments of the Western Ghats: a heritage site in southern India, Kaniyambadi Amrutha, Sachin Shajikumar, Anish Kumar Warrier, and Joju George Sebastian

Did the COVID-19 pandemic play a role in the spatial and temporal variations of microplastics? Evidence from a tropical river in southern India, Kaniyambadi Amrutha, Anish Kumar Warrier, and Nelson Rangel-Buitrago

Antimicrobial Property of Silver Nanoparticles: Effects of Concentration and Temperature on Bacterial Isolates, Thripthi Ananda, Ankita Modi, Vishwanath Managuli, and Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay

Sugar content and erosive potential of commonly prescribed Orodispersible tablets- An in vitro study., Lahari Anand, Kalyana Pentapati, Revathi Shenoy, and Geethika Yelleti

Laplacian Energy of a Graph with Self-Loops, Deekshitha Vivek Anchan, Sabitha D’Souza, H. J. Gowtham, and Pradeep G. Bhat

Sombor Energy of a Graph with Self–Loops, Deekshitha Vivek Anchan, Sabitha D’Souza, H. J. Gowtham, and Pradeep G. Bhat

An anonymization-based privacy-preserving data collection protocol for digital health data, J. Andrew, R. Jennifer Eunice, and J. Karthikeyan

Artificial intelligence in adolescents mental health disorder diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment, J. Andrew, Madhuria Rudra, Jennifer Eunice, and R. V. Belfin

Variation in the formation of the retromandibular and the external jugular veins with embryological overview: A case report, Vrinda Hari Ankolekar, Mamatha Hosapatna, Lydia S. Quadros, and Suhani Sumalatha

Change in Score for Neonatal Acute Physiology-II Measurements for Prediction of Mortality in Severely Septic Preterm Neonates: Authors’ Reply, Rajendra Prasad Anne, Venkataseshan Sundaram, and Praveen Kumar

Elephants in the farm – changing temporal and seasonal patterns of human-elephant interactions in a forest-agriculture matrix in the Western Ghats, India, N. R. Anoop, Siddhartha Krishnan, and T. Ganesh

Effect of nutrition intervention on cognitive development among malnourished preschool children: randomized controlled trial, Ansuya, Baby S. Nayak, B. Unnikrishnan, and Y. N. Shashidhara

Effectiveness of nebulized dexmedetomidine as a premedication in flexible bronchoscopy in Indian patients -a prospective, randomized, double-blinded study, Thomas Antony, Vishak Acharya K, and Preetam Rajgopal Acharya

Mental health and quality of life among patients with chronic respiratory failure on domiciliary oxygen: A prospective cohort study from a tertiary care centre in India, Thomas Antony, Vishak K. Acharya, Rojina Anna Ray, and Ramesh Holla

A missing piece- The dragon breath, Thomas Antony, Vishak Acharya, Dia Zechariah, and B. V. Tantry

A silent march-Post covid fibrosis in asymptomatics – A cause for concern?, Thomas Antony, K. Vishak Acharya, B. Unnikrishnan, and N. S. Keerthi

Effect of Lifestyle Modification Intervention Programme on Bone Mineral Density among Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis, D. S. Anupama, Judith A. Noronha, Kiran K.V. Acharya, and Mukhyaprana Prabhu

Evaluation of Zn: WO3 Thin Films as a Sensing Layer for Detection of NH3 Gas, Anusha, Priyanka Kumari, P. Poornesh, and Saikat Chattopadhyay

A Comparative Study of Treatment Methods of Raw Sugarcane Bagasse for Adsorption of Oil and Diesel, Y. G. Anusha, Avryl Anna Machado, and Lavanya Mulky

Phosphorylated chitosan accelerates dermal wound healing in diabetic wistar rats, U. Anushree, Pratik Punj, Vasumathi, and Sanjay Bharati

Ameloblastoma of the jaws in adult: A retrospective review of local recurrent lesions based on the resection margin in the adjacent apparent healthy tissues, Charles Ezechukwu Anyanechi and Sameep S. Shetty

Sensitivity estimation of indium oxide thin film for gamma sensing, C. Aparna, Pramoda Kumara Shetty, M. G. Mahesha, and I. Yashodhara

Compact and Efficient Ring Resonator–Based Plasmonic Lens with Multiple Functionalities, U. Aparna and M. Sathish Kumar

Muscle fatigue response of rotator cuff muscles in different postures, Lisanne Aranha, Charu Eapen, Vivek D. Patel, and Ashish J. Prabhakar

Efficacies of artificial neural networks ushering improvement in the prediction of extant credit risk models, Meera Aranha and Kartikeya Bolar

Practice of L-Asparaginase Usage: A Survey among Healthcare Providers Treating Children with Cancer in India, M. V. Archana, V. S. Kalasekhar, Vinay Munikoty, and Ramitha R. Bhat

Improved Energy-Efficient Hybrid Protocol (I-EEHP) to Maximize Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks, S. Arockiaraj, Krishanamoorthi Makkithaya, and Harishchandra N. Hebbar

Sedentary and physical activity time differs between self-reported ATLS-2 physical activity questionnaire and accelerometer measurements in adolescents and young adults in the United Arab Emirates, Ashokan Arumugam, Shima A. Mohammad Zadeh, Zina Anwar Zabin, and Tamara Mohammad Emad Hawarneh

Association of Sociodemographic Factors with Physical Activity and Sleep Quality in Arab and Non-Arab Individuals of Both Sexes during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Ashokan Arumugam, Danya Murat, Asma Javed, and Sara Atef Ali

Patient and public involvement in research: a review of practical resources for young investigators, Ashokan Arumugam, Lawrence Rick Phillips, Ann Moore, and Senthil D. Kumaran

Outcomes of Non-surgical Management of Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fractures, S. Arun, Sunil S. Nayak, A. Chithra, and Sreea Roy

Corrigendum to “Modification of structure, electrical, linear and third-order nonlinear optical properties of spray pyrolyzed tin oxide films by deposition temperature” [Superlattice. Microst. 155 (2021) 106920](S074960362100118X)(10.1016/j.spmi.2021.106920), Hind P. Asha, Neelamma B. Gummagol, Parutagouda Shankaragouda Patil, and B. V. Rajendra

Enhanced Vehicle Re-Identification for Smart City Applications Using Zone Specific Surveillance, B. Ashutosh Holla, M. M. Manohara Pai, Ujjwal Verma, and Radhika M. Pai

Transforming Wound Management: Nanomaterials and Their Clinical Impact, T. Ashwini, Ashlesh Prabhu, Vishal Baliga, and Shreesha Bhat

Deep reinforcement learning for autonomous vehicles: lane keep and overtaking scenarios with collision avoidance, S. H. Ashwin and Rashmi Naveen Raj

Ukraine-Russia Crisis and COVID-19 Pandemic: Impending Danger over Public Health, Sucharu Asri, Mainak Bardhan, and Khushboo Juneja

Exploration of Sex and Age-Based Associations in Clinical Characteristics, Predictors of Severity, and Duration of Stay among COVID-19 Patients at the University Hospital of Saudi Arabia, Rasha Assad Assiri, Asmatanzeem Bepari, Waseemoddin Patel, and Syed Arif Hussain

End-of-Life Care Education as Blended Learning Approach for General Practitioners: a Scoping Review, Shrikant Atreya and Naveen Salins

Intranasally administered extracellular vesicles from human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural stem cells quickly incorporate into neurons and microglia in 5xFAD mice, Sahithi Attaluri, Jenny Jaimes Gonzalez, Maha Kirmani, and Andrew D. Vogel

A Systematic Review on Sociodemographic, Financial and Psychological Factors Associated with COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Hesitancy among Adult Population, Shruti Ayyalasomayajula, Aditi Dhawan, Mohammed Salim Karattuthodi, and Shabeer Ali Thorakkattil

Cytokine profile, neutralisation potential and viral replication dynamics in sera of chikungunya patients in India: a cross-sectional study, Naren Babu, Shakuntala Mahilkar, Anup Jayaram, and Sylvester Agha Ibemgbo

Rickettsia africae and other unclassified Rickettsia species of the spotted fever group in ticks of the Western Ghats, India, N. Naren Babu, Anup Jayaram, Amogh Milind Auti, and Yuvraj Bhandari

Computational drug repurposing of Akt-1 allosteric inhibitors for non-small cell lung cancer, Krishnaprasad Baby, Swastika Maity, Chetan Hasmukh Mehta, and Usha Y. Nayak

System and Method for Driver Drowsiness Detection Using Behavioral and Sensor-Based Physiological Measures, Jaspreet Singh Bajaj, Naveen Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Kaushal, and H. L. Gururaj

Intratemporal mucormycosis: A rare COVID-19 sequelae, Sanchit Bajpai, Sweekritha Bhat, Vijendra Shenoy S, and Praneetha Puvvula

A Rare Case of Submandibular Actinomycosis, Sanchit Bajpai, Navya Parvathareddy, Sweekritha N. Bhat, and Vijendra Shenoy S

Otorhinolaryngology Symptom Assessment Using SNOT 22 Among SARS CoV-2 Patients in a Tertiary Care Centre, Sanchit Bajpai, Rakshitha Samanth, Vijendra Shenoy, and Kshithi Kudlu

Framework of SDG leadership among SMEs in South Asian nations-using Interpretive Structural Modelling, Priti Bakhshi, Reena Agrawal, Suhan Mendon, and Ramona Birau


Remote sensing analysis on primary productivity and forest cover dynamics: A Western Ghats India case study, Marco Baldo, Fabrizio Buldrini, Alessandro Chiarucci, and Duccio Rocchini

Knowledge, perception and practice towards blue-blocking lenses among optometrists, Shonraj Ballae Ganeshrao, Nagarajan Theruveethi, and Krithica Srinivasan

Performance Evaluation of Open-Graded Bituminous Concrete Modified with Natural Fibers, Muttana S. Balreddy, Pamisetty Nethra, and Sujay Raghavendra Naganna

Highlights on Cell-Penetrating Peptides and Polymer-Lipid Hybrid Nanoparticle: Overview and Therapeutic Applications for Targeted Anticancer Therapy, Pragathi Devanand Bangera, Divya Dhatri Kara, Katikala Tanvi, and Vamshi Krishna Tippavajhala

Impact of a home-based nutritional intervention program on nutritional status of preschool children: a cluster randomized controlled trial, Ansuya B, Baby S. Nayak, Unnikrishnan B, and Ravishankar N

Top-Down Learning Pedagogy for Real Time Embedded System Design, N. M.Masoodu Banu, T. Sujithra, and Kotteswar Rao Anne

Preface, R. B. Bapat, Manjunatha Prasad Karantha, Stephen J. Kirkland, and Simo Puntanen

Dynamic in vitro culture of bovine and human ovarian tissue enhances follicle progression and health, Vincenza Barbato, Vincenzo Genovese, Vincenza De Gregorio, and Maddalena Di Nardo

Effect of green fuel and green lubricant with metallic nanoparticles on emissions of HC, CO, NO x, and smoke for a compression ignition engine, Augustine B.V. Barboza, Pijakala Dinesha, and Marc A. Rosen

Repurposing chitin-rich seafood waste for warm-water fish farming, Renuka Basawa, Suhani Kabra, Dnyanada Anil Khile, and Rahil Ummar Faruk Abbu

Innovative mobile-health led participatory approach to comprehensive screening and treatment of diabetes (IMPACT diabetes): rationale, design, and baseline characteristics, Abhinav Bassi, Sumaiya Arfin, Oommen John, and Devarsetty Praveen

Programme and policy perspectives towards a tobacco-free generation in India: findings from a qualitative study, Shalini Bassi, Monika Arora, Nishibha Thapliyal, and Muralidhar M. Kulkarni

Mapping access to drug outlets in Vietnam: distribution of drug outlets and the sociodemographic characteristics of the communities they serve, Justin Beardsley, Joshua Mark Chambers, Thanh Tuan Lam, and Shukry Zawahir