Submissions from 2023

Recognising the importance of chronic lung disease: a consensus statement from the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (Lung Diseases group), Gillian Sandra Gould, John R. Hurst, Antigona Trofor, and Jennifer A. Alison

MicroRNA (miR)-124: A Promising Therapeutic Gateway for Oncology, Karthik Gourishetti, Vignesh Balaji Easwaran, Youssef Mostakim, and K. Sreedhara Ranganath Pai

Bioethanol: A New Synergy between Marine Chitinases from Bacillus haynesii and Ethanol Production by Mucor circinelloides, Vishnupriya Govindaraj, Arun Kumar Subramani, Ramya Gopalakrishnan, and Se Kwon Kim

Emphasizing the Crosstalk Between Inflammatory and Neural Signaling in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anusha Govindula, Niraja Ranadive, Madhavan Nampoothiri, and C. Mallikarjuna Rao

Investigations of structural modifications, physical and optical properties of lead boro-tellurite glasses doped with europium trioxide for possible optical switching applications, G. V.Jagadeesha Gowda, G. V.Ashok Reddy, Bheemaiah Eraiah, and Chinnappa Reddy Devaraja

The Prevalence of Tooth Wear in Adult Population and its Impact on Quality of Life: A Cross-sectional Study, Kriti Goyal, Madhu Sharma, Sangeeta U. Nayak, and Rajat Kundra

Planar MIMO antenna for mmWave applications: Evolution, present status & future scope, Parveez Shariff B. G, Pallavi R. Mane, Pradeep Kumar, and Tanweer Ali

Heterogeneous treatment effects of dexamethasone 12 mg versus 6 mg in patients with COVID-19 and severe hypoxaemia—Post hoc exploratory analyses of the COVID STEROID 2 trial, Anders Granholm, Marie Warrer Munch, Nina Andersen-Ranberg, and Sheila Nainan Myatra

Time to kick the butt of the most common litter item in the world: Ban cigarette filters, Dannielle S. Green, Bethanie Carney Almroth, Rebecca Altman, and Melanie Bergmann

Disability and its correlates among persons with bipolar disorder: Exploratory findings from the bipolar disorder course and outcome study from India (BiD-CoIN study), Sandeep Grover, Ajit Avasthi, Rahul Chakravarty, and Amitava Dan

Insight in patients with bipolar disorder: Findings from the bipolar disorder course and outcome study from India (BiD-CoIN study), Sandeep Grover, Ajit Avasthi, Rahul Chakravarty, and Amitava Dan

Subjective cognitive deficits and its correlates among patients with bipolar disorder: Findings from the bipolar disorder course and outcome study from India (BiD-CoIN study), Sandeep Grover, Ajit Avasthi, Rahul Chakravarty, and Amitava Dan

Impact of Variable Liquid Properties on Peristaltic Transport of Non-Newtonian Fluid Through a Complaint Non-Uniform Channel, Manjunatha Gudekote, Rajashekhar Choudhari, Prathiksha Sanil, and Hanumesh Vaidya

Multiwavelength study of radio galaxy Pictor A: detection of western hotspot in far-UV and possible origin of high energy emissions, Sanna Gulati, Debbijoy Bhattacharya, M. C. Ramadevi, and C. S. Stalin

GIT-Net: An Ensemble Deep Learning-Based GI Tract Classification of Endoscopic Images, Hemalatha Gunasekaran, Krishnamoorthi Ramalakshmi, Deepa Kanmani Swaminathan, and Andrew J

Knowledge, attitudes, and practices toward exercises among women visiting an infertility clinic: A cross-sectional study, Shashwathi Gundimi, Bhamini Krishna Rao, Ajay Bailey, and Pratap Kumar

Effect of Covid-19 lockdown/ compulsory work from home (WFH) situation on musculoskeletal disorders in India, Garima Gupta, Radhika Aditya Jadhav, Megha Nataraj, and G. Arun Maiya

Differentiating tubercular from pyogenic causes of spine involvement on Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nitin Gupta, Rajagopal Kadavigere, Sundeep Malla, and Shyamasunder N. Bhat

Development, Characterization and Evaluation of Cubosomes Loaded Smart Gel for the Treatment of Osteomyelitis using 32 Factorial Design, N. Vishal Gupta, Siddharth C. Jain, Vikas Jain, and Gundawar Ravi

Knowledge of handling medical emergencies among general dental practitioners pan India: a cross-sectional survery, Shubhangi Gupta, Stuti Mishra, Shubhangi Behl, and N. Srikant

Virtual structure-based docking and molecular dynamics of FDA-approved drugs for the identification of potential IKKB inhibitors possessing dopaminergic activity in Alzheimer’s disease, Prasada Chowdari Gurram, Sairaj Satarker, Ajmal Nassar, and Jayesh Mudgal

Advance Care Planning in India: Current status and future directions. A short narrative review, Roop Gursahani, Naveen Salins, Sushma Bhatnagar, and Savita Butola

A Comparative Study of Readability, Acceptability, and the Adaptation of an Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Tinnitus, Emre Gürses, Eldre Beukes, Sıdıka Cesur, and Gerhard Andersson

DeepSkin: A Deep Learning Approach for Skin Cancer Classification, H. L. Gururaj, N. Manju, A. Nagarjun, and V. N. Manjunath Aradhya

Analysis of Preventive Measures Against DDoS Attacks in Smart Grid, H. L. Gururaj, B. H. Swathi, R. Trupti, and Urs R. Darshan

Tenofovir induced acute kidney injury and its outcome; an Indian perspective, Sreedhara C. Gurusiddaiah, Bhushan C. Shetty, Kishan Aralapuram, and Shashank Shetty

Strategies for specialty training of healthcare professionals in low-resource settings: a systematic review on evidence from stroke care, Junaid Habibi, Jackie Bosch, Patrick Bidulka, and Sarah Belson

The Influence of Variable Fluid Properties on Peristaltic Transport of Eyring Powell Fluid Flowing Through an Inclined Uniform Channel, Balachandra Hadimani, Rajashekhar Choudhari, Prathiksha Sanil, and Hanumesh Vaidya

Impact of probiotic on anxiety and depression symptoms in pregnant and lactating women and microbiota of infants: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Kurvatteppa Halemani, Asha P. Shetty, Latha Thimmappa, and Alwin Issac

Breaking Barriers: Unveiling Factors Influencing the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence by Healthcare Providers, BM Zeeshan Hameed, Nithesh Naik, Sufyan Ibrahim, and Nisha S. Tatkar

PTEN-negative endometrial cancer cells protect their genome through enhanced DDB2 expression associated with augmented nucleotide excision repair, Fathima Hameed J S, Anjali Devarajan, Devu Priya M S, and Ahel Bhattacharyya

Current status and challenges in uterine myometrial tissue engineering, Srividya Hanuman, Gopal Pande, and Manasa Nune

Neurodevelopmental and Epilepsy Phenotypes in Individuals With Missense Variants in the Voltage-Sensing and Pore Domains of KCNH5, Hannah C. Happ, Lynette G. Sadleir, Matthew Zemel, and Guillem De Valles-Ibáñez

Mortality of COVID-19 in patients with hematological malignancies versus solid tumors: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis, Nicole Hardy, Charan Thej Reddy Vegivinti, Mansi Mehta, and Jade Thurnham

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for the Detection of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in Meteorites, Surya Harikrishnan, Adarsh Ananthachar, Khoobaram S. Choudhari, and Sajan Daniel George

Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis: A study of 14 cases, Aradhana Harrison, Namrata Rao, Ankitha Hebbar, and P. Pavithra

Uncovering sensor faults in wind turbines: An improved multivariate statistical approach for condition monitoring using SCADA data, Fouzi Harrou, K. Ramakrishna Kini, Muddu Madakyaru, and Ying Sun

Utility of Expert Panel to Identify Preventable Perinatal Deaths: Results from Audit Based Interventional Study in Two Districts of Karnataka State, India, H. N. Harsha Kumar, Shantaram B. Baliga, Pralhad Kushtagi, and Nutan Kamath

Use of Decellularized SMILE (Small-Incision Lenticule Extraction) Lenticules for Engineering the Corneal Endothelial Layer: A Proof-of-Concept, Swatilekha Hazra, Jacquelyn Akepogu, Supriya Krishna, and Sri Ravali Pulipaka

Optimization and Prediction of Thermal Conductivity and Electrical Conductivity of Vacuum Sintered Ti-6Al-4V-SiC(15 Wt.%) Using Soft Computing Techniques, Adithya Hegde, Raviraj Shetty, Nithesh Naik, and B. R.N. Murthy

A comparative analysis of distal locked and unlocked long proximal femoral nail antirotation (PFNA-II) in the fixation of stable intertrochanteric fractures, Atmananda Hegde, Vikrant Khanna, Prajwal Mane, and Chethan Shetty

Preoperative estimation of humerus intramedullary nail length using clinical landmarks, Atmananda S. Hegde, Chethan B. Shetty, Nitin Joseph, and Prajwal Mane

Influence of indium and selenium co-doping on structural and thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3 alloys, Ganesh Shridhar Hegde, A. N. Prabhu, and M. K. Chattopadhyay

Thermoelectric Composite of (Bi0.98In0.02)2Te2.7Se0.3/Bi2Se3 with Enhanced Thermopower and Reduced Electrical Resistivity, Ganesh Shridhar Hegde, A. N. Prabhu, Suchitra Putran, and Ashok Rao

Insight into lipid-based nanoplatform-mediated drug and gene delivery in neuro-oncology and their clinical prospects, Manasa Manjunath Hegde, Puja Sandbhor, Aishwarya J, and Vikram Gota

Marmesin and Marmelosin Interact with the Heparan Sulfatase-2 Active Site: Potential Mechanism for Phytochemicals from Bael Fruit Extract as Antitumor Therapeutics, C. Hemakumar, B. S. Ravindranath, G. A. Ravishankar, and D. C. Ramirez

Comparative analysis on the performance envelope of a three-pad and four-pad active journal bearing, Girish H, Nitesh Kumar, Shiva Kumar, and Raghuvir Pai

Modulation of photoluminescence and optical limiting properties of spray-coated tin oxide thin film through Eu doping, P. Asha Hind, Parutagouda Shankaragouda Patil, Neelamma B. Gummagol, and U. K. Goutam

Mechanical behavior of basalt-reinforced epoxy composites modified with biomass-derived seashell powder, Anupama Hiremath, Suhas Yeshwant Nayak, Srinivas Shenoy Heckadka, and Jaideep Jeppu Pramod

A community-based intervention to improve screening, referral and follow-up of non-communicable diseases and anaemia amongst pregnant and postpartum women in rural India: study protocol for a cluster randomised trial, Jane Elizabeth Hirst, Nicole Votruba, Laurent Billot, and Varun Arora

Aerodynamic performance improvement of a blended wing-body re-entry vehicle using ANSYS CFX, Shakil Hossan and G. Srinivas

Determination of Scattered Radiation to the Thyroid Gland in Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography, Wilson Hrangkhawl, Winniecia Dkhar, T. S. Madhavan, and S. Sharath

District-Level Mortality Convergence in Reunified Germany: Long-Term Trends and Contextual Determinants, Rok Hrzic, Tobias Vogt, Helmut Brand, and Fanny Janssen

PROphylaxis for paTiEnts at risk of COVID-19 infecTion (PROTECT-V), Toby J.L. Humphrey, Davinder Dosanjh, Thomas F. Hiemstra, and Alex Richter

Possibilities of simulation of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 by using light scattering approach, Farhana Hussain, Nirmal Mazumder, and Sanchita Roy

Design an efficient data driven decision support system to predict flooding by analysing heterogeneous and multiple data sources using Data Lake, Sreepathy H V, B. Dinesh Rao, Mohan Kumar J, and B. Deepak Rao

Corrigendum to “Chemotherapeutic drugs elicit stemness and metabolic alteration to mediate acquired drug-resistant phenotype in acute myeloid leukemia cell lines” [Leukemia Res. 128, 107054] (Leukemia Research (2023) 128, (S0145212623000395), (10.1016/j.leukres.2023.107054)), Raveen Stephen Stallon Illangeswaran, Daniel Zechariah Paul Jebanesan, Kezia Kanimozhi Sivakumar, and Rakhi Thalayattu Vidhyadharan

Modulation of gut microbiota: An emerging consequence in neonatal sepsis, Faiza Iqbal, Leslie Edward S. Lewis, N. Siva, and Vandana K E

Compact circularly polarized 2 and 4 port multiple input multiple output antennas with bandstop filter isolation technique, Hashinur Islam, Saumya Das, Tanweer Ali, and Tanushree Bose

Primary caregiver's experiences in caring paranoid schizophrenia patients: A qualitative study, Alwin Issac, Renjulal Yesodharan, and Leena Sequira

Influence of TiO2 nanoparticle modification on the mechanical properties of basalt-reinforced epoxy composites, Tejas Iyer, Suhas Yeshwant Nayak, Anupama Hiremath, and Srinivas Shenoy Heckadka

Exome Sequencing in Monogenic Forms of Rickets, Prince Jacob, Gandham Sri Lakshmi Bhavani, Prajna Udupa, and Zheng Wang

Exploring Maternal Interactions During Shared Book Readings in Indian Home Contexts, Riya Sara Jacob, Sunila John, Monica L. Bellon-Harn, and Vinaya Manchaiah

Snails on the plate: Edible freshwater molluscs of Northeast India, Anushree Jadhav, Nipu Kumar Das, Maitreya Sil, and N. A. Aravind

Human Lacrimal Gland Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells – Isolation, Propagation, and Characterization, Jilu Jaffet, Aparna Mohanty, Induvahi Veernala, and Swati Singh

Rare case of first metatarsal giant cell tumour and its unique reconstruction with double barrel non-vascularized fibular graft, B. N. Jagannath Kamath, U. Keerthan Ranga Nayak, Ajit Mahale, and Prajwal M. Divakar

Bithiophene-naphthalene chalcone as a fluorescent pigment in eco-friendly security ink formulation, Rakshitha K. Jain, Kashmitha Muthamma, Dhanya Sunil, and Suresh D. Kulkarni

Tissue proteome analysis for profiling proteins associated with lymph node metastasis in gallbladder cancer, Vaishali Jain, Javed Akhtar, Ratna Priya, and Puja Sakhuja

Analyzing the engineering feasibility of the direct fusion drive, Yuvraj Jain and Priyanka Desai Kakade

Amelanotic Mucosal Melanoma of the Nasal Cavity, Padmapriya Jaiprakash, Mary Mathew, Varun Kumar Singh, and Dipak Ranjan Nayak

Dry eye symptoms and digital eyestrain - Emerging epidemics among university students due to online curriculum amid the COVID.19 pandemic-A cross.sectional study, Fiza Jakhar, Gladys R. Rodrigues, Teena M. Mendonca, and Rajesh R. Nayak

Damping System for an Optimized Rotation Magnetized Direction Permanent Magnet Thrust Bearing, Amarsh Jalaik, Supreeth D. Kumar, Gireesha R. Chalageri, and Siddappa Iranna Bekinal

Morphologic Variations and Gender Dimorphism in Mandibular First Premolar Root Canal Pattern: A CBCT Study in South Indian Population, Nidhi James, Tina Puthen Purayil, Vathsala Patil, and Kalyana Chakravarthy Pentapati

Blockchain for healthcare systems: Architecture, security challenges, trends and future directions, Andrew J, Deva Priya Isravel, K. Martin Sagayam, and Bharat Bhushan

A Way Forward for A Greener Future – Sustainability in Oral Health Care, Hephzibah Blessy Jangili and Navya Vyas

ANTHOCYANINS: A HUE FOR HISTOLOGY - SYSTEMATIC REVIEW, Shiny Jasphin, Archana Parampalli Raghavendra, Monica Charlotte Solomon, and Arul Amuthan

Exploratory Mapping of Blue Ice Regions in Antarctica Using Very High-Resolution Satellite Remote Sensing Data, Shridhar D. Jawak, Alvarinho J. Luis, Prashant H. Pandit, and Sagar F. Wankhede

Evaluation of structural and compositional changes on the root surface exposed to diode laser (810 nm): An In-vitro study, Dorairaj Jayachandran, Sunantha Selvaraj, Shanmuga Priya, and Meena A. Kukkamalla

Maternal hypercholesterolemia during gestation is associated with elevated lipid levels of two-day-old neonates, V. S. Jayalekshmi, R. S. Jagannath, S. Sreelekshmi, and P. Rafeekha

On Several Results Associated with the Apéry-like Series, Prathima Jayarama, Dongkyu Lim, and Arjun K. Rathie

Nodulisporium Fungal Brain Abscess In Early Post-Renal Transplant: A Rare, Unexpected, Mysterious Pathogen, Shreya Jayaram and Shankar Prasad

Tension and Impact Analysis of Tungsten Inert Gas Welded Al6061-SiC Composite, P. K. Jayashree, Sathyashankara Sharma, Sourabh Kumar, and Bhagyalaxmi

Known-group validity of passive knee joint position sense: a comparison between individuals with unilateral anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and healthy controls, Mustafa Jebreen, Nicola Maffulli, Filippo Migliorini, and Ashokan Arumugam

Test-Retest Reliability of a Passive Joint Position Sense Test After ACL Reconstruction: Influence of Direction, Target Angle, Limb, and Outcome Measures, Mustafa Jebreen, Gisela Sole, and Ashokan Arumugam

Co-expression of galectin-3 and vimentin in triple negative breast cancer cells promotes tumor progression, metastasis and survival, T. Jeethy Ram, Asha Lekshmi, Pramod Darvin, and Prakash Rajappan

Determinants of Medication Non-Adherence Among the Elderly with Co-Existing Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Rural Areas of Udupi District in Karnataka, India, K. Jeyalakshmi, Mahadev Rao, Y. N. Shashidhara, and Girish Thunga

Trypanophobia among medical students - An overlooked concern, Abhavya Jha, Ramesh Holla, Karthyayani Priya Satish, and Fathima Shehla Kundolil

Renal Revolution: Anticipating the Next 25 Years of India's Kidney Care, Vivekanand Jha

Modulation of optical and photoluminescence properties of ZnO thin films by Mg dopant, Anushree Jogi, A. Ayana, and B. V. Rajendra

The ASCEND-NHQ randomized trial found positive effects of daprodustat on hemoglobin and quality of life in patients with non-dialysis chronic kidney disease, Kirsten L. Johansen, Alexander R. Cobitz, Ajay K. Singh, and Iain C. Macdougall

In-vivo Comparison of Planned and Measured Rectal Doses during Cobalt-60 HDR CT-based Intracavitary Brachytherapy Applications of Cervical Cancer Using the PTW 9112 Semiconductor Probe, Sunny K. Johan, Dilson Lobo, M. S. Athiyamaan, and Challapalli Srinivas

Hybrid genome assembly and annotation of multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus genotype ST672-SCCmec type IVd (2B), Jiffy John, Lekshmi Narendrakumar, Sabu Thomas, and Shijulal Nelson-Sathi

An investigation on optimal outrigger locations for hybrid outrigger system under wind and earthquake excitation, Neethu Elizabeth John and Kiran Kamath

Heat Stress: A Hazardous Occupational Risk for Vulnerable Workers, Priyadarshini John and Vivekanand Jha

Protocol for the implementation and evaluation of a community-based behavior change intervention to reduce dietary salt intake in India, Claire Johnson, Sudhir Raj Thout, Spoorthi Nidhuram, and Ashleigh Hart

Microstructural changes and their influence on corrosion post-annealing treatment of copper and AISI 5140 steel in 3.5 wt% NaCl medium, Jilna Jomy, Sathyashankara Sharma, P. R. Prabhu, and Pavan Hiremath

Corrosion Behavior of EN18 Steel and Copper in the Sulfuric Acid Medium for As-Bought and Annealed Materials, Jilna Jomy, Sathyashankara Sharma, P. R. Prabhu, and Deepa Prabhu

Who are the vulnerable, and how do we reach them? Perspectives of health system actors and community leaders in Kerala, India, Jaison Joseph, Hari Sankar, Gloria Benny, and Devaki Nambiar

Correction: Transferrin-Conjugated Docetaxel–PLGA Nanoparticles for Tumor Targeting: Influence on MCF-7 Cell Cycle (Polymers, (2019), 11, (1905), 10.3390/polym11111905), Sajan Jose, Thomas A. Cinu, Rosmy Sebastian, and M. H. Shoja

Comprehensive laboratory diagnosis of Fanconi anaemia: comparison of cellular and molecular analysis, Gaurav Joshi, Nancy Beryl Janet Arthur, Thenral S. Geetha, and Phaneendra Venkateswara Rao Datari