Submissions from 2020

Fetal echocardiography at term in diabetic pregnancies helps predict the adverse neonatal outcome - Results of a prospective observational study from South India, Grandhi Mrudhula Tejaswi, Jyothi Samanth, Akhila Vasudeva, and Leslie Lewis

Effect of coffee constituents, caffeine and caffeic acid on anxiety and lipopolysaccharide-induced sickness behavior in mice, Jayesh Mudgal, Sanchari Basu Mallik, Madhavan Nampoothiri, and Manas Kinra

Annotated list of anurans from the lateritic plateau of western india with notes on malformations, Madhushri Mudke, K. V. Gururaja, Neelvara Aravind, and Ramit Singal

Existing practices of intravenous (IV) medication management and barriers for safe practices among healthcare professionals in a selected hospital of Udupi district, Karnataka, Madhurikranta Mukherjee, Sushmitha R. Karkada, Shobha, and K. E. Vandana

Antimicrobial peptide polymers: no escape to ESKAPE pathogens—a review, Songhita Mukhopadhyay, A. S. Bharath Prasad, Chetan H. Mehta, and Usha Y. Nayak

Prediction of land-change using machine learning for the deforestation in paraguay, Max Muller, Shweta Vincent, and Om Prakash Kumar

Megalencephaly-capillary malformation syndrome: A report of two cases, Suneel Mundkur, Shrikiran Aroor, Sandeep Kumar, and Manaswita Gadiparthi

Microscopic versus endoscopic myringotomy with/without grommet insertion, Ajay Mundru, Deviprasad Dosemane, Panduranga M. Kamath, and Suja S. Sreedharan

Factor accumulation and total factor productivity growth: ASEAN economies, Subramaniam Munusamy and Yogambigai Rajamoorthy

Enhanced Human Action Recognition Using Fusion of Skeletal Joint Dynamics and Structural Features, S. N. Muralikrishna, Balachandra Muniyal, U. Dinesh Acharya, and Raghurama Holla

Delamination assessment in drilling basalt/carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composite material, B. R.N. Murthy, Rajendra Beedu, Ritesh Bhat, and Nithesh Naik

Inhibitive action of glutathione reduced on the deterioration of aa6061 in 0.5m HCL, Nagalaxmi, P. Shetty, and P. P. Kumari

Effect of Hall Currents on Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of a Viscous Electrically Conducting Fluid in A Nonuniformly Heated Vertical Channel with Radiation, Madduleti Nagasasikala and Bommanna Lavanya

Multidrug-resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa evokes differential inflammatory responses in human microglial and retinal pigment epithelial cells, Poonam Naik, Sukhvinder Singh, Sushma Vishwakarma, and Inderjeet Kaur

Mainstream media's framing of #Metoo campaign in India, Manjushree G. Nai, Usha M. Rodrigues, and Padma Rani

The effect of diaphragmatic stretch technique on diaphragmatic excursion in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Aishwarya Nair, K. M. Krishnaprasad, Gopala Krishna Alaparthi, and Shyam Krishnan

Overview of Extensively Employed Polymeric Carriers in Solid Dispersion Technology, Athira R. Nair, Yarlagadda Dani Lakshman, Vullendula Sai Krishna Anand, and K. S.Navya Sree

A morphologic and histologic study of the radial nerve and its branches at potential compression sites, Shreya Nair, Vrinda H. Ankolekar, Mamatha Hosapatna, and Anne DSouza

The delayed effect of temperature on the risk of hospitalization due to COVID-19: Evidence from Mumbai, India, Vipin Nair, Rahul Thekkedath, and Paduthol Godan Sankaran

Mucinous tubular and spindle cell carcinoma a review of histopathology and clinical and prognostic implications, Shrinidhi Nathany and Vidya Monappa

Is Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Pneumatic Actuator A Topic of Concern?, Bhagya Rajesh Navada and Santhosh K. V

Anti-snake venom and methanolic extract of Andrographis paniculata: a multipronged strategy to neutralize Naja naja venom acetylcholinesterase and hyaluronidase, Akshatha Ganesh Nayak, Nitesh Kumar, Smita Shenoy, and Maya Roche

Solar fed BLDC motor drive for mixer grinder using a boost converter, Deekshitha S. Nayak and R. Shivarudraswamy

Solar fed bldc motor drive for mixer grinder using a buck-boost converter, Deekshitha S. Nayak and R. Shivarudraswamy

Impact of readiness assurance process and faculty feedback on individual application exercises: a model for continuous assessment in physiology, Kirtana Raghurama Nayak, Dhiren Punja, and Chinmay Suryavanshi

Prevention of Pain During Screening for Retinopathy of Prematurity: A Randomized Control Trial Comparing Breast Milk, 10% Dextrose and Sterile Water, Ramya Nayak, Kalale Nikhil Nagaraj, and Girish Gururaj

Effect of psychiatric illness on oral tissue, gingival and periodontal health among non-institutionalized psychiatric patients of Mangalore, India, Sangeeta Umesh Nayak, K. Keshava Pai, and Ramya Shenoy

Comparative Evaluation of Efficacy of Chlorhexidine and Herbal Mouthwash as a Preprocedural Rinse in Reducing Dental Aerosols: A Microbiological Study, Sangeeta Umesh Nayak, Anushka Kumari, Valliammai Rajendran, and Vijendra Pal Singh

Triple right testicular veins and their variant termination and communications, Satheesha B. Nayak and Soumya Kodimajalu Vasudeva

Anomalous peritoneal band connecting greater omentum to the ascending colon: a possible cause for dilation of ascending colon, Satheesha B. Nayak and K. V. Soumya

Mylohyoid foramen of mandible: A rare exit point of intra-mandibular origin of nerve to mylohyoid, Satheesha B. Nayak and K. V. Soumya

Effect of dome size on flow dynamics in saccular aneurysms -A numerical study, S. Nayak, N. Kumar, S. M.A. Khader, and R. Pai

Distance energy of partial complementary graph, Swati Nayak, Sabitha D’souza, H. J. Gowtham, and Pradeep G. Bhat

Influence of physical activity of the rescuer on chest compression duration and its effects on hemodynamics and fatigue levels of the rescuer: A simulation-based study, Varun R. Nayak, Akhila Babu, Ramesh Unnikrishnan, and Abraham Samuel Babu

Business intelligence appraisal based on customer behaviour profile by using hobby based opinion mining in India: a case study, Periyapatna Sathyanarayana Rao Nethravathi, Gokarna Vidya Bai, Cristi Spulbar, and Mendon Suhan

Assessment of differential brachial plexus block using ropivacaine in intraoperative conscious patients: A randomized control trial, Anitha Nileshwar, Karthik Chandra Babu, Abhishek Rao Kordcal, and Anil K. Bhat

A slotted UWB monopole antenna with truncated ground plane for breast cancer detection, N. Niranjan kumar, B. S. Srikanth, Stuttee Bellona Gurung, and S. Manu

Comparative validity of microalbuminuria versus clinical mortality scores to predict pediatric intensive care unit outcomes, Shifa Nismath, Suchetha S. Rao, B. S. Baliga, and Vaman Kulkarni

Relationship between emotional intelligence, self-esteem, and assertiveness among South Indian youth: A descriptive, cross-sectional study from Karnataka, Jagriti Niyogi, Renjulal Yesodharan, and Rochelle Jane Dsa

Factors influencing exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) in Empowered Action Group (EAG) states and Assam, Ravishankar N, Merisin Joseph, and Sowmya Shashidhara

Experimental study on the tension-tension fatigue behaviour of glass/epoxy quasi-isotropic composites, N. H. Padmaraj, Kini M. Vijaya, and Pai Dayananda

Experimental investigation and empirical modelling of thermal and drive current effect on optical performance of commercial LEDs, A. N. Padmasali and S. G. Kini

Scene-Independent Motion Pattern Segmentation in Crowded Video Scenes Using Spatio-Angular Density-Based Clustering, Abhilash K. Pai, A. Kotegar Karunakar, and U. Raghavendra

Potentiality of Saccharomyces boulardii in fermentation of bio-ethanol derived from fruit wastes, Anand Pai, Priyodip Paul, Srividya Nayak, and Kuldeep K. Singh

Tribological response of waste tire rubber as micro-fillers in automotive brake lining materials, Anand Pai, Sayikumar Subramanian, and Tribhuvan Sood

Quality of sleep in patients with cancer: A cross-sectional observational study, Ananth Pai, B. Sivanandh, and Karthik Udupa

Adult Primary Intraventricular Hemorrhage: Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes, Aswin Pai, Ajay Hegde, Rajesh Nair, and Girish Menon

Metabolic syndrome risk assessment among adults in Udupi District, Karnataka, Namratha N. Pai and Garg Meenakshi

Palliative care challenges and strategies for the management amid COVID-19 pandemic in India: Perspectives of palliative care nurses, cancer patients, and caregivers, Radhika Pai, Malathi Nayak, and N. Sangeetha

Electrochemical Approaches for Material Conservation: Experimental and Theoretical Insights Using a Biopolymer, Mikitha Pais and Padmalatha Rao

Performance of fetal renal artery doppler compared with umbilical artery doppler in mild and moderate fetal growth restriction: An observational study in a tertiary care hospital, Sanghamitra Paladugu, Anjali Mundkur, Srikar Yedlapalli, and Akhila Vasudeva

Enhancement of temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and magnetoresistance (MR) of La0.67-xRExCa0.33MnO3 (x = 0, 0.1; RE = Gd, Nd, Sm) system via rare-earth substitution, Anand Pal, B. S. Nagaraja, K. J. Rachana, and K. V. Supriya

Root resection - Exploring ways beyond extraction, Monika Pal, Santhosh Kumar, and G. Pratibha

Evaluation of plaque removal efficacy of dental floss with/without chlorhexidine gel coating in patients with gingivitis-a clinical and microbological study, Monika Pal, Santhosh Kumar, Padmaja A. Shenoy, and T. A.K. Chaitanya

A noninvasive screening tool for abnormal uterine bleeding: An attempt to reduce numbers of endometrial biopsies, Deeksha Pandey, Sri V. Kummarapurugu, Gazal Jain, and Keerthi Kyalakond

In-stent restenosis of drug-eluting stents in patients with diabetes mellitus: Clinical presentation, angiographic features, and outcomes, Ganesh Paramasivam, Tom Devasia, Ashwal Jayaram, and Abdul Razak U K

Comparative evaluation of the depth of cure and surface roughness of bulk-fill composites: An in vitro study, Anusha Parasher, Kishore Ginjupalli, Krishnaraj Somayaji, and Pradeep Kabbinale

A third-order nonlinear optical single crystal of 3,4-dimethoxy-substituted chalcone derivative with high laser damage threshold value: a potential material for optical power limiting, Vinay Parol, A. N. Prabhu, Md Abu Taher, and Sri Ram G. Naraharisetty

A long-chain based bromo and methyl substituted chalcone derivatives; Experimental and theoretical approach on nonlinear optical single crystals, Vinay Parol, V. Upadhyaya, A. N. Prabhu, and N. K. Lokanath

Exploring perceptions and practices of cancer care among caregivers and care recipients of breast cancer in India, Shradha S. Parsekar, Ajay Bailey, V. S. Binu, and Suma Nair

Investigational drugs for the COVID 19 pandemic - A concise review, Reena Sherin Parveen, Shreya Hegde, and Veena Nayak

'The Miracle Mothers and Marvelous Babies': Psychosocial aspects of surrogacy - A narrative review, Ansha Patel, Pratap Kumar, and P. S.V.N. Sharma

Application of mindfulness-based psychological interventions in infertility, Ansha Patel, P. S.V.N. Sharma, and Pratap Kumar

Outcome analysis of antibiotic-loaded poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) beads in musculoskeletal infections, Krunal H. Patel, Shyamasunder N. Bhat, and Mamatha H

Dehydrozingerone protects temozolomide-induced cognitive impairment in normal and C6 glioma rats besides enhancing its anticancer potential, Nandini Pathak, Sri Pragnya Cheruku, Vanishree Rao, and R. J.A. Vibhavari

Effect of green, tulsi, and areca teas on the color stability of two composite resin materials – An in vitro spectrophotometric analysis, Akshata Patil, Vidya Saraswathi Muliya, Kalyana Chakravarthy Pentapati, and Shobha Kamath

Developing an evidence-informed framework for safe and accessible urban mobility infrastructures for older adults in low- And middle-income countries: A protocol for realist synthesis, Divya Sussana Patil, Uday Narayan Yadav, Sobin George, and Marco Helbich

Quality improvement of recycled aggregate concrete using six sigma DMAIC methodology, Suhas Vijay Patil, K. Balakrishna Rao, and Gopinatha Nayak

Biomechanical Behavior of Bioactive Material in Dental Implant: A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis, Vathsala Patil, Nithesh Naik, Srikanth Gadicherla, and Komal Smriti

Artificial neural network for gender determination using mandibular morphometric parameters: A comparative retrospective study, Vathsala Patil, Ravindranath Vineetha, Saumya Vatsa, and Dashrathraj K. Shetty

Polymer-dispersant-stabilized Ag nanofluids for heat transfer applications, K. S. Pavithra, S. C. Gurumurthy, M. P. Yashoda, and Tarun Mateti

Effectiveness of low dose over standard dose ct for detection of urolithiasis: A systematic review, Saikiran Pendem

Effectiveness of novel herbal dentifrice in control of plaque, gingivitis, and halitosis – Randomized controlled trial, Kalyana Chakravarthy Pentapati, Meena Anand Kukkamalla, Hanan Siddiq, and Neeraja Sabnis

Causes of Under-5 Mortality Among Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China, and South Africa Nations: A Comparative Study, K. Rajasekharan Pillai and Immaculate Christina

An algorithmic approach for maritime transportation, Peri Pinakpani, Aruna Polisetty, G. Bhaska N Rao, and D. Harrison Sunil

Employers’ attitudes and hiring intentions towards persons with disabilities in hotels in india, Senthilkumaran Piramanayagam and Partho Pratim Seal

Effect of inter-aural modulation depth difference on interaural time difference thresholds for speech: An observational study, Arivudainambi Pitchaimuthu, Srividya Grama Bhagavan, Vibha Kanagokar, and Jayashree S. Bhat

Prognostic Value of Melanoma-Associated Antigen-A (MAGE-A) Gene Expression in Various Human Cancers: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of 7428 Patients and 44 Studies, Manish Poojary, Padacherri Vethil Jishnu, and Shama Prasada Kabekkodu

Assessment of monoamine neurotransmitters in the cortex and cerebellum of gamma-irradiated mice: A neuromodulatory role of Cynodon dactylon, Roopesh Poojary, Nayanatara Kumar, Reshma Kumarchandra, and Ganesh Sanjeev

Inkjet printing of paraffin on paper allows low-cost point-of-care diagnostics for pathogenic fungi, Anusha Prabhu, M. S. Giri Nandagopal, Prakash Peralam Yegneswaran, and Hardik Ramesh Singhal

Thread integrated smart-phone imaging facilitates early turning point colorimetric assay for microbes, Anusha Prabhu, Giri Nandagopal M. S., Prakash Peralam Yegneswaran, and Vijendra Prabhu

Knowledge, attitude and practices regarding epilepsy among nurses in a tertiary care hospital in South India, Arvind N. Prabhu, Pai Divya Venkatesh, Ajo Paul, and Akhilesh Pandey

Performance of plusoptix A09 photo screener in refractive error screening in school children aged between 5 and 15 years in the southern part of India, Avinash Prabhu, Jyothi Thomas, Ramesh Ve, and Sayantan Biswas

Impact of Cardiac Rehabilitation on Functional Capacity and Physical Activity after Coronary Revascularization: A Scientific Review, Niramayee V. Prabhu, Arun G. Maiya, and Nivedita S. Prabhu

Multi-response optimization of the turn-assisted deep cold rolling process parameters for enhanced surface characteristics and residual stress of AISI 4140 steel shafts, P. R. Prabhu, S. M. Kulkarni, and Sathyashankara Sharma

Analysis of Garcinia indica Choisy extract as eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor for aluminum in phosphoric acid using the design of experiment, P. R. Prabhu, Deepa Prabhu, and Padmalatha Rao

Surface Properties and Corrosion Behavior of Turn-Assisted Deep-Cold-Rolled AISI 4140 Steel, P. R. Prabhu, Deepa Prabhu, Sathyashankara Sharma, and S. M. Kulkarni

Photobiomodulation invigorating collagen deposition, proliferating cell nuclear antigen and Ki67 expression during dermal wound repair in mice, Vijendra Prabhu, Bola Sadashiva Satish Rao, Anuradha Calicut Kini Rao, and Keerthana Prasad

Role of fluorescence in situ hybridization in detecting mycobacterium avium complex presenting as fever in treatment failure HIV, Vikas Prabhu, Steffi Coelho, Basavaprabhu Achappa, and Shrikala Baliga

Parental perspectives on quality of life in adolescents with cerebral palsy, Prabhu Prajakta, Sunila John, and Rajashekhar Bellur

Pharma 4.0–impact of the internet of things on health care, A. T. Prajwal, B. S. Muddukrishna, and S. G. Vasantharaju

Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence proteins pseudolysin and protease IV impede cutaneous wound healing, Alevoor Srinivas Bharath Prasad, Padival Shruptha, Vijendra Prabhu, and Cheruku Srujan

A 167.18 ppm/°C temperature coefficient, area efficient voltage reference using only MOS transistors, Guru Prasad and Kumara Shama

A low dropout voltage regulator with a transient voltage spikes reducer and improved figure of merit, Guru Prasad and Kumara Shama

Ten maxims for creating a safe learning environment, Eachempati Prashanti and Komattil Ramnarayan

Rough set based QoS enabled multipath source routing in MANET, N. Prathviraj and Santosh L. Deshpande

Occurrence of antimicrobial-resistant escherichia coli in sewage treatment plants of south India, Yerabham Praveenkumarreddy, Masato Akiba, Keerthi Siri Guruge, and Keshava Balakrishna

Passenger lymphocyte syndrome in a bidirectional ABO-mismatched renal transplant, P. A. Prethika, Shamee Shastry, Ganesh Mohan, and Ravindra Attur Prabhu

A decentralized consensus application using blockchain ecosystem, Chetana Pujari, Balachandra Muniyal, and C. B. Chandrakala

A curious case of vanishing pituitary adenoma, Fathima Raeesa, Ajit Mahale, and Vinay B S