Submissions from 2023

Integrative Analysis of the AMPK subunits in Colorectal Adeno Carcinoma, T. B. Beena, A. Jesil Mathew, K. B. Harikumar, and E. Safeeda

Dehydrozingerone promotes healing of diabetic foot ulcers: a molecular insight, Farmiza Begum, Suman Manandhar, Gautam Kumar, and Raghuvir Keni

Synthesis of artificial aggregates and their impact on performance of concrete: a review, Gopal Bharamappa Bekkeri, Kiran K. Shetty, and Gopinatha Nayak

On the forms, contributions and impacts of community mobilisation involved with Kerala’s COVID-19 response: Perspectives of health staff, Local Self Government institution and community leaders, Gloria Benny, D. Hari Sankar, Jaison Joseph, and Surya Surendran

The International Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Alliance, Julie Bernhardt, Dale Corbett, Sean Dukelow, and Sean Savitz

Third-Party Disability for Significant Others of Individuals with Tinnitus: A Cross-Sectional Survey Design, Eldré W. Beukes, Gerhard Andersson, and Vinaya Manchaiah

A prediction model for flexural strength of corroded prestressed concrete beam using artificial neural network, Yamuna Bhagwat, Gopinatha Nayak, Radhakrishna Bhat, and Muralidhar Kamath

Effect of polypropylene fibres on strength and durability performance of M-sand self compacting concrete, Yamuna Bhagwat, Gopinatha Nayak, Poornachandra Pandit, and Aishwarya Lakshmi

Analysis of tempering temperature and vegetable oil quenchant viscosity effect on mechanical properties of 42CrMo4 steel, Bhagyalaxmi, Ananda Hegde, Sathyashankara Sharma, and P. K. Jayashree

Pyrene-naphthalimide Schiff base as a fluorescent pigment in water-based security ink, R. S. Bhagya, Kashmitha Muthamma, Dhanya Sunil, and Prakasha Shetty

Objective Structured Clinical Examination for Postgraduate Training and Assessment in Psychiatry: Manipal Experience, Rajeshkrishna P. Bhandary, Samir Kumar Praharaj, Ravindra N. Munoli, and P. S.V.N. Sharma

Contrast-induced acute kidney injury in patients with acute necrotizing pancreatitis: Should it impact management of pancreatitis?, Joyita Bharati and Vivekanand Jha

Review of the Evolution of Magnetorheological Fluid-Based Rehabilitative Devices: From the Perspective of Modeling, Sensors and Control Strategies, Akhila Bhat, Vidya S. Rao, and N. S. Jayalakshmi

E2BNAR: Energy Efficient Backup Node Assisted Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks, Akshatha Hari Bhat and Balachandra H.V. Achar

De Quervain’s tenosynovitis: a non-randomized two-armed study comparing ultrasound-guided steroid injection with surgical release, A. K. Bhat, R. Vyas, A. M. Acharya, and K. V. Rajagopal

Wrist Arthrodesis Using a Trapezoidal Wedge Graft from the Distal Radius and a Low-Profile Reconstruction Plate, Anil K. Bhat, G. Mithun Pai, Ashwath M. Acharya, and Amruth Manohar

Cancellous compression bone grafting using headless screw as a strut in scaphoid nonunion by a single volar approach, Anil K. Bhat, Sourab Shetty, and Ashwath M. Acharya

Measurement properties of physical activity in adults with bronchiectasis: A systematic review protocol, Anup Bhat, Annemarie L. Lee, G. Arun Maiya, and K. Vaishali

Molecular diagnosis of bacterial and viral diarrhoea using multiplex-PCR assays: An observational prospective study among paediatric patients from India, Archana Bhat, Suchetha S. Rao, Sevitha Bhat, and Katara Vidyalakshmi

Application of Keller-Box Method to the Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis of Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of Micropolar Fluid between Porous Parallel Walls of Different Permeability, Ashwini Bhat, Param Tangsali, and Nagaraj Nagesh Katagi

Leukemia cutis of the scalp masquerading as 'Kerion' in a child, Lavin Bhatia, Pallavi Hegde, Varsha Shetty, and Vishwapriya Godkandi

Exploring potential strategies to enhance memory and cognition in aging mice, Shreevatsa Bhat M, Ramesh Babu M G, Anandh Dhanushkodi, and Prof Kiranmai S. Rai

DC sputtered ZrO2/Zn(1−x)Sn(x)O thin-film transistors and their property evaluation, Prashant Bhat, Parashurama Salunkhe, and Dhananjaya Kekuda

Self-powered visible transparent Cu / Zn (1-x)Sn (x)O Schottky-based ultraviolet photosensors fabricated via DC magnetron sputtering, Prashant Bhat, Parashuram Salunkhe, and Dhananjaya Kekuda

Laryngeal mask airway bougie ultrasonography guided intubation in a morbidly obese patient with difficult airway, Rachana Bhat, Preeti Yadav, Jyothiswaroop Bhaskararayuni, and Akhil Neseem

A probabilistic public key encryption switching scheme for secure cloud storage, Radhakrishna Bhat, N. R. Sunitha, and S. S. Iyengar

Structural Properties of Zn-Fe Alloy Coatings and Their Corrosion Resistance, Ramesh Sooryanarayana Bhat, Manjunatha Krishna Balakrishna, Poornesh Parthasarathy, and Ampar Chitharanjan Hegde

Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling after Ayurveda intervention to bronchial asthmatics identifies differential methylation in several transcription factors with immune process related function, Smitha Bhat, Harish Rotti, Keshava Prasad, and Shama Prasada Kabekkodu

DeepCOVNet Model for COVID-19 Detection Using Chest X-Ray Images, Vandana Bhattacharjee, Ankita Priya, Nandini Kumari, and Shamama Anwar

Emerging concepts on Leydig cell development in fetal and adult testis, Indrashis Bhattacharya and Souvik Dey

Revisiting the gonadotropic regulation of mammalian spermatogenesis: evolving lessons during the past decade, Indrashis Bhattacharya, Souvik Dey, and Arnab Banerjee

Hemodialysis catheter-related bloodstream infections: a single-center experience, Mohan V. Bhojaraja, Ravindra Attur Prabhu, Shankar Prasad Nagaraju, and Indu Ramachandra Rao

BiCuSeO/GdH2 thermoelectric composite: a p-type to n-type promoter with superior charge transport, R. Bhat Bhoomika, K. Gurukrishna, N. P. Madhukar, and U. Deepika Shanubhogue

Organic Agriculture in India: A Review of Current Status, Challenges, and Future Prospects, Roshan Raj Bhujel and Harisha G. Joshi

Development and Validation of a New Tool to Measure Performance Knowledge and Communication Skill of Multidisciplinary Health Science Learners on Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Response Management, Shivanand Bhushan, Sumeet Suresh Malapure, Nisha Rachel D'Souza, and Pankaj Tandon

Combined visual and spatial-temporal information for appearance change person re-identification, Shavantrevva Bilakeri and Karunakar A. Kotegar

A novel application of a bioactive material as a pit and fissure sealant: in vitro pilot study evaluating the sealing ability and penetration, D. Bishayi, A. Srinivasan, K. Y. Mahabala, and S. Natarajan

Development and feasibility testing of action observation training videos in acute stroke survivors: Preliminary findings, Arunima Biswas, Manikandan Natarajan, Sandeep K. Subramanian, and John M. Solomon

Video parameters for action observation training in stroke rehabilitation: a scoping review, Arunima Biswas, Prajna D. Rao, Sangeetha Madhavan, and Manikandan Natarajan

Opinion Mining Using Multi-Dimensional Analysis, Satarupa Biswas and G. Poornalatha

Author Correction: COVIDiSTRESS diverse dataset on psychological and behavioural outcomes one year into the COVID-19 pandemic (Scientific Data, (2022), 9, 1, (331), 10.1038/s41597-022-01383-6), Angélique M. Blackburn, Angélique M. Blackburn, Sara Vestergren, and Sara Vestergren

Agro-industrial-based wastes as supplementary cementitious or alkali-activated binder material: a comprehensive review, S. Blesson and A. U. Rao

Comparative characteristics assessment of calcined and uncalcined agro-based waste ash with GGBS and its application in an alkali-activated binder system, S. Blesson, A. U. Rao, R. P. Bhandary, and P. P. Shetty

Assessment of Techno-Socio-Economic Performances of Distribution Network with Optimal Planning of Multiple DGs, Aashish Kumar Bohre, Yashwant Sawle, Vinay Kumar Jadoun, and Anshul Agarwal

Correction to: Sustainable thin-wall machining: holistic analysis considering the energy efficiency, productivity, and product quality (International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM), (2023), 17, 1, (145-166), 10.1007/s12008-022-01130-6), Gururaj Bolar, Shrikrishna N. Joshi, and Sanghamitra Das

Sustainable thin-wall machining: holistic analysis considering the energy efficiency, productivity, and product quality, Gururaj Bolar, Shrikrishna N. Joshi, and Sanghamitra Das

Dynamics of multiple pendulum system under a translating and tilting pivot, Aditya Bondada and Vishnu G. Nair

Production of Gallic Acid from Swietenia macrophylla Using Tannase from Bacillus Gottheilii M2S2 in Semi-Solid State Fermentation, Abhinav Borah, Subbalaxmi Selvaraj, and Vytla Ramachandra Murty

Suicide prevention program (SPP) in South Asian Countries: A protocol for systematic review, Kallabi Borah, Tessy Treesa Jose, Anil Kumar Mysore Nagaraj, and Lorna Moxham

Decision Fault Tree Learning and Differential Lyapunov Optimal Control for Path Tracking, S. Subash Chandra Bose, Badria Sulaiman Alfurhood, H. L. Gururaj, and Francesco Flammini

Iterative Reflect Perceptual Sammon and Machine Learning-Based Bagging Classification for Efficient Tumor Detection, S. Subash Chandra Bose, Rajesh Natarajan, Gururaj H L, and Francesco Flammini


Innovation across cultures: Connecting leadership, identification, and creative behavior in organizations, Eva M. Bracht, Lucas Monzani, Diana Boer, and S. Alexander Haslam

Subtle Intricacies Identified during Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes in Wistar Rats, Bheemisetty Brahmam, Farmiza Begum, Dani Lakshman Yarlagadda, and Rekha Raghuveer Shenoy

Introducing the International Home Dialysis Consortium, Edwina A. Brown, Vivekhand Jha, Niang Abdou, and Sunita Bavanandan

The Psychological Science Accelerator’s COVID-19 rapid-response dataset, Erin M. Buchanan, Savannah C. Lewis, Bastien Paris, and Patrick S. Forscher

N-glycoproteomics reveals distinct glycosylation alterations in NGLY1-deficient patient-derived dermal fibroblasts, Rohit Budhraja, Mayank Saraswat, Diederik De Graef, and Wasantha Ranatunga

Analytical Computation of Thermal and Electrical Issues in E-Mobility Cabling Network, Mahipal Bukya, Rajesh Kumar, and Akhilesh Mathur

Numerical Investigation on Thermal and Electrical Stress in Electric Vehicle Cabling Network, Mahipal Bukya, Rajesh Kumar, and Akhilesh Mathur

A Decision Support System for Diagnosis of COVID-19 from Non-COVID-19 Influenza-like Illness Using Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Krishnaraj Chadaga, Srikanth Prabhu, Vivekananda Bhat, and Niranjana Sampathila

Artificial intelligence for diagnosis of mild–moderate COVID-19 using haematological markers, Krishnaraj Chadaga, Srikanth Prabhu, Vivekananda Bhat, and Niranjana Sampathila

Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Monkeypox: A Systematic Review, Krishnaraj Chadaga, Srikanth Prabhu, Niranjana Sampathila, and Sumith Nireshwalya

A Review on the Modelling Techniques of Liquid Storage Tanks Considering Fluid–Structure–Soil Interaction Effects with a Focus on the Mitigation of Seismic Effects through Base Isolation Techniques, M. Chaithra, A. Krishnamoorthy, and A. R. Avinash

Effect of in-office bleaching agent on the surface roughness and microhardness of nanofilled and nanohybrid composite resins, Anindita Chakraborty, Tina Purayil, Kishore Ginjupalli, and Kalyana Chakravarthy Pentapati

Effect of vital bleaching on surface roughness and microhardness of nanofilled and nanohybrid composite resins, Anindita Chakraborty, Tina Purayil, Kishore Ginjupalli, and Kalyana Chakravarthy Pentapati

Gravitational Larmor precession, Chandrachur Chakraborty and Parthasarathi Majumdar

Raman spectroscopy for microplastic detection in water sources: a systematic review, I. Chakraborty, S. Banik, R. Biswas, and T. Yamamoto

Effect of Storage Time and Temperature on Digestibility, Thermal, and Rheological Properties of Retrograded Rice, Ishita Chakraborty, Indira Govindaraju, Steffi Kunnel, and Vishwanath Managuli

A novel dataset and efficient deep learning framework for automated grading of renal cell carcinoma from kidney histopathology images, Amit Kumar Chanchal, Shyam Lal, Ranjeet Kumar, and Jin Tae Kwak

Secure Modern Wireless Communication Network Based on Blockchain Technology, Radha Raman Chandan, Awatef Balobaid, Naga Lakshmi Sowjanya Cherukupalli, and Gururaj H L

Effects of physical activity breaks during prolonged sitting on vascular and executive function—A randomised cross-over trial, Obhuli Chandran, Poovitha Shruthi, Suresh Sukumar, and Rajagopal Kadavigere

Teaching and learning strategies of evidence based medicine: A meta-synthesis of learners and instructors perspective, Viji Pulikkel Chandran, Athira Balakrishnan, Muhammed Rashid, and Sohil Khan

Iridium-Doping as a Strategy to Realize Visible-Light Absorption and p-Type Behavior in BaTiO3, Sujana Chandrappa, Simon Joyson Galbao, P. S. Sankara Rama Krishnan, and Namitha Anna Koshi

Neonatal outcomes associated with antimicrobial resistance: A retrospective cross-sectional study, Prashant Chandra, Faiza Iqbal, Mazhuvancherry Kesavan Unnikrisnan, and Purkayastha Jayashree

Flexible Linear Low-density Polyethylene Laminated Aluminum and Nickel Foil Composite Tapes for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding, R. B.Jagadeesh Chandra, B. Shivamurthy, S. B.Bore Gowda, and M. Sathish Kumar

Mechanical and Electrical Properties and Electromagnetic-Wave-Shielding Effectiveness of Graphene-Nanoplatelet-Reinforced Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Nanocomposites, R. B.Jagadeesh Chandra, B. Shivamurthy, M. Sathish Kumar, and Niranjan N. Prabhu

Prevalence of sarcopenia in heart failure: A systematic review, Lakshman Chandrashekhar Iyer, K. Vaishali, and Abraham Samuel Babu

Assessment of serum zinc and its correlation with atherogenic index of plasma in type 2 diabetes, Swetha Chandru, Monalisa Biswas, Pranav K. Honnavalli, and Ipsita Choudhury

Usage of Silkworm Materials in Various Ground of Science and Research, Sujata Chand, Sasmita Chand, and Bauri Raula

Efficacy of Buccal Infiltration with or without Palatal Injection for Posterior Maxillary Teeth Extraction – A Split-Mouth Randomized Trial, Abhirup Chatterjee, Srikanth Gadicherla, Sreea Roy, and Kalyana Chakravarthy Pentapati

A molecular network map of orexin-orexin receptor signaling system, Oishi Chatterjee, Lathika Gopalakrishnan, Deepshika Pullimamidi, and Chinmayi Raj

Access to medicines through global health diplomacy, Vijay Kumar Chattu, Bawa Singh, Sanjay Pattanshetty, and Srikanth Reddy

Exome sequencing of choreoacanthocytosis reveals novel mutations in VPS13A and co-mutation in modifier gene(s), Sima Chaudhari, Akshay Pramod Ware, Dushyanth Babu Jasti, and Sankar Prasad Gorthi

Author’s Response to Letter to the Editor “Is the mNUTRIC Score the Only Independent Risk Factor for Abdominal Muscle Thickness Influencing Weaning?”, Souvik Chaudhuri and Vishwas Parampalli

Exosome nanovesicles: A potential carrier for therapeutic delivery, Vivek P. Chavda, Anjali Pandya, Lalit Kumar, and Nidhi Raval

Development of Mefenamic Acid-Soluplus ® amorphous dispersions via hot melt extrusion and in silico prediction of oral absorption, Estrella Chavero, Aleksandra Kurowska, and Shaila A. Lewis

Microplastic content of over-the-counter toothpastes - a systematic review, Kavery Chengappa S, Ashwini Rao, Aparna K S, and Praveen S. Jodalli

Meta-analysis of the prevalence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) among dental health care personnel, Deepika Chenna, Medhini Madi, Mathangi Kumar, and Vijay Kumar

Combining Machine Learning with Metabolomic and Embryologic Data Improves Embryo Implantation Prediction, Aswathi Cheredath, Shubhashree Uppangala, C. S. Asha, and Ameya Jijo

Semi-Automatic Labeling and Semantic Segmentation of Gram-Stained Microscopic Images from DIBaS Dataset, G. P. Chethan Reddy, Pullagurla Abhijith Reddy, Vidyashree R. Kanabur, and Deepu Vijayasenan

To stay in shape and keep moving: MLL emerges as a new transcriptional regulator of Rho GTPases, Akash Chinchole, Shreyta Gupta, and Shweta Tyagi

Numerical investigation of aerodynamic characteristics of naca 23112 using passive flow control technique–gurney flaps, Vandan Chinnappa and G. Srinivas

Change in Antimicrobial Therapy Based on Bronchoalveolar Lavage Data Improves Outcomes in ICU Patients with Suspected Pneumonia, Bharti Chogtu, Vrinda Mariya Elenjickal, Dharma U. Shetty, and Mahsheeba Asbin

Goji berry (Lycium barbarum) inhibits the proliferation, adhesion, and migration of oral cancer cells by inhibiting the ERK, AKT, and CyclinD cell signaling pathways: An in-vitro study, Aditi Chopra, Amee Sanghavi, Ananth Srivatsa, and Divya Adiga

Neurosurgical emergencies during pregnancy – Management dilemmas, Deepika Choudhary, Vaishali Mohan, Arla Sai Varsha, and Ajay Hegde

Negative imaginary feedback control of satellite orbit dynamical model, Santosh Kumar Choudhary and Shreesha Chokkadi

Modelling and control of nonlinear negative imaginary systems, Santosh Kumar Choudhary, Shreesha Chokkadi, and G. Sudhakara

Unusually high clarithromycin resistance in Mycobacterium abscessus subsp. abscessus isolated from human gastric epithelium, Deepak Chouhan, R. J. Retnakumar, T. Barani Devi, and Sanjai Dharmaseelan

Health Impact of School Built Environment on Children, Ujjwala Chourasia, Sayalee Tendulkar, Keertana Gogia, and Nitya Beerakayala

Polymorphisms within Autophagy-Related Genes as Susceptibility Biomarkers for Multiple Myeloma: A Meta-Analysis of Three Large Cohorts and Functional Characterization, Esther Clavero, José Manuel Sanchez-Maldonado, Angelica Macauda, and Rob Ter Horst